PJ HARVEY: New Album 2009

Well this news from PJ Harvey has made my evening! There are rumored live shows also to support the new album!

“A new collaboration from PJ Harvey and John Parish is set to be released on March 30th, 2009 through Island Records. Entitled “A Woman A Man Walked By”, the album was recorded in Bristol and Dorset, and mixed by Flood.

“A Woman A Man Walked By” is a follow up to Harvey and Parish’s previous collaboration “Dance Hall at Louse Point” (1996).

John Parish co-produced “To Bring You My Love” (1995) and also PJ Harvey’s most recent release “White Chalk” (2007). An accomplished producer and composer, John has recorded numerous soundtracks and has worked with artists including Eels and Giant Sand”

Source: Pjharvey.net

Here is one of my favorite PJ Harvey tracks ‘This Is Love’, from an awesome album ‘Stories From The City, Stories From the Sea’