GRACE JONES: Hammerstein Ballroom Concert Review

Thanks Dlisted.. The rest were taken by my own fair hand:)

Last night Sjay and I saw GRACE JONES last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom and I’m still finding it difficult to fathom what I saw! Literally an out of this world experience, certainly one of the best shows I have ever seen in my whole life.

The energy radiating from this legend is just insane the moment she came on stage you just felt it, the crowd roared with delight at a woman covered by a silver blanket singing This Is. At that moment I knew we were really in for a treat, who could else could get away with singing their first song under a blanket but her?!

Then the big reveal came and she dropped the blanket…. there she was dressed in that skin tight white catsuit (above), where she stood for a minute letting us take her in, hearing our roars, before launching into a powerful rendition of William’s Blood complete with headbanging – two songs in – I lost it!

Now before I end up writing ten pages let me just say that EVERYTHING was on point her voice was insane, her energy, her witty banter with the audience and endless array of magnificent costumes that delighted us with practically ever song. She did a good mix of songs from Hurricane as well as plenty of older hits among the highlights for me were:

Love Is The Drug she was decked out entirely in silver and the lights were just bouncing of her silver hat, while she roared though the song, it was like being at a rave…. so much energy!!

La Vie En Rose where she waited till the end of the song (after remaining on stage in this outfit face forward shuffling around) to spin around and reveal a completely naked backside!

Hurricane was insane! She pulls down on this cord attached to her, um backpack and this big black PARACHUTE shoots out and she gets in front of a fan with all this smoke billowing across the stage and sings at the top of her lungs while the parachute flaps in the wind engulfing the entire stage! NEVER have I experienced anything close to that atmosphere at a show before!

Pull Up To The Bumper
a favorite song of mine (no jokes!) the second to last song by which time everyone was losing their minds yelling the song back at her. Nothing like singing THIS back to her while she struts around the stage LOL

“Pull up to my bumper baby,
In your long black limosine,
Pull up to my bumper baby,
Drive it in between!”

She closed with Slave To The Rhythm in which she went demanded a mic stand, went for the cymbals and clashed them together off and on throughout the entire song, much to my delight!

I could easily go on and on… everything really was a highlight, if you ever get the chance to see her please do it, she is just indescribable, everything you want her to be and more! Check out the Hard Candy Youtube channel for more of the videos we shot at the show!


Love Is The Drug

La Vie En Rose