ADAM LAMBERT: For Your Entertainment (Video Premiere) + Award Show Commentary

ADAM LAMBERT‘s kiss with a male band member was the talk of 2009’s American Music Awards. You would think that indecent exposure and same sex kissing was something new to the arena of popular music. So, I decided to compile a list of crotch grabbing and same sex lip smacking that’s been done in the name of ‘artistic expression’.


Jim Morrison Exposing Himself On Stage
Madonna Fake Masturbating On Tour
Prince’s Super Bowl Guitar Silhouette
John Mayer’s Thong
Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s Dick in a Box

Rage Against the Machine Protest
Rose McGowan See Thru ‘Dress’

VMA’S Madonna Britney, + Christina Kiss
Diana Ross vs. Lil Kim’s Boob

This list took me 15 minutes to compile and its just the tip of the raunchy ice-berg…but are you seeing a trend emerging here? Girl-on-girl is viewed as titillating (Madonna + Britney). Heterosexual male nudity is funny (Rage Against The Machine/John Mayer). But boy-on-boy causes an outrage in the hearts of many provincial Americans still.

Immediately following Adam Lambert’s performance no less than 1,500 people call ABC to complain and subsequently his Good Morning America appearance was canceled. Disney be damned in all its  gay bashing subtlety.

Regardless of the homo hub bub surrounding his performance, his was a job well done. His new video for FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT is superb! Enjoy the next gen of soft-core glam rock, kinda! His new album also called For Your Entertainment is on sale now! – Jake