MADONNA: Dance 2Night (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

So its’ Saturday and all kinds of nasty outside in NYC! They tell me the rain will stop but the puddles to skip over and all just, phew. Watching MADONNA‘s Confessions Tour this week on Youtube – yes, you better watch it before some dick wad up in the record label reports it to Google-owned Youtube. Can you imagine being that guy?

The first dance god I heard was during my days at the Roxy and yes, it was the notorious and infamous Peter Rauhofer – all in all I love his cold style of progressive house. I always am of opinion that Peter brings on the next mesh of pop dance and progressive house. With all that being said enjoy Madonna’s DANCE 2NIGHT. - JAKE


Dance 2Night (Peter Rauhofer Remix)*
Thanks DJ Cocas!