GOGOL BORDELLO: Trans Continental Hustle + Pala Tute (Live On Jools Holland)

Madonna fans will recognize the Pala Tute chorus as being what that she mixed with La Isla Bonita at Live Earth when she performed with Gogol Bordello (and then used again in the Sticky and Sweet Tour tut tut) It’s the first track from Trans Continental Hustle Gogol Bordello’s latest offering due to be released at the end of April. My boss rather randomly strolled into work with an advance copy this morning and I’ve been listening all day and its bloody good! – it does not stray far from their normal brand of gyspy punk – but somehow this feels more accessible to me than some of their previous work (perphaps due to the Rick Rubin production) – I encourage you to give it a listen and see them on tour if you get the chance!


Pala Tute

Pala Tute (Live On Jools Holland)