MADONNA: It’s So Cool (2002 + 2009 Demos)

Earlier this week a Madonna fan site posted a few demo clips of It’s So Cool, a track that eventually made it’s way as a bonus track on the Celebration release. I didn’t share them with you guys because I was positive the full versions were soon to come….and here they are!

I was never a huge fan of the dance version of this song, and now i’m definitely opposed to it!  In this demo from 2002, we hear the acoustic/campfire song influences that Mirwais and M used for the American Life album.

Fast  forward to 2009, Madonna re-invent’s the track with an electro beat reminiscent of Goldfrapp’s Strict Machine. The vocals are weird, but production sound a bit better. Still, not quite there yet.

While Madonna demos are never that great in comparison to her actual releases, this is ‘so cool’ to have! Thanks to Peter! - Matt