Kylie Minogue: Better Than Today (Video Premiere)

Two new Kylie Minogue videos in one week? Surely it doesn’t get much better than than! Rather randomly the Better Than Today video has just surfaced online. In the colorful piece we see Kylie doing the familiar ‘microphone’ choreography first debuted on the For You, For Me tour last year. I’m still not quite sure what the girls with the pink wigs on their shoulders are all about but I find them pretty amusing. I love that she’s brought back her Cant Get You Out Of My Head robots with an updated Tron feel to them.

Do you remember Kylie’s instructional video for the Better Than Today dance? Revisit that here and feast your eyes on the new video below!

Overall, it’s nothing special or ground breaking but seeing Kylie strut herself around with her smiles + sexy faces is always a treat for us die hard fans! This video actually made me happy + uplifted today. Imagine that!


  1. I think the wigs are supposed to be the ghosts from Pacman, hence the bandmembers having the Pacman helmets.