Roisin Murphy: Schön! Magazine + Momma’s Place (Daniel González Mix)

The Roisin Murphy train is beginning to pick up steam, as she (hopefully) begins to plot her next course in music. While we’re hoping for the release of Demon Lover, fans are given a unique treat as Ro is featured in Schön! magazine’s 10th issue! Here’s what the editors had to say about working with Ms. Murphy!

Our tenth issue is all about the future, profiling strong personalities in fashion who have been altering perceptions of the industry through their work. And who better to boldly lead us into the future of fashion than the fearless Roisin Murphy? She heralds our preview of the new shapes and silhouettes from the spring fashion calendar in a luxurious Fulvio Maiani editorial.

Sounds like they know our Ro! While scouring the internet for an unheard remix, I came across this version of Momma’s Place. Have a listen below!

Momma’s Place (Daniel González Mix)

All thanks this blog, a wonderful source for all things Roisin! The new issue of Schön! can be purchased here- Matt