Adele: Rolling In The Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix)

We’re so excited that Hard Candy staple, Adele is blowing up all around the world with the success of her new album 21.

Club music fans and DJ’s have been waiting with bated breath for a slamming mix of Rolling In The Deep to dance it off to, and that’s just arrived in the form of Johnny Lawson‘s remix.

Rolling In The Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix)

Talent like Adele’s can not denied or shoved under the rug, she’s here to stay and will only get better with each release. It’s wonderful to see that people aren’t just consuming manufactured music – they really appreciate music from the heart.

I worked my magic on the above image of our darling Adele, giving her a bit of an unexpected look. A little shocking, isn’t it? - Matt

Rolling In the Deep (Johnny Lawson Remix) by johnnylawson