Lykke Li : Live At Webster Hall Review

Photo by Carina C.

Seeing Lykke Li live for the first time this week at Webster Hall took my love for her to a completely different dimension. I had heard great things about her live show, but I was not prepared for her to be quite as mind-blowing as she was!

I headed down to catch Grimes‘ set, who as I expected was phenomenal and an absolutely perfect opener for Lykke (be sure to catch her when you can.) After that there was a long break before suddenly the lights dropped to reveal a dramatic stage with intense strobe lighting, thick smoke and long black billowy curtains. Seconds later the shadowy, veiled figure of Lykke emerged, and she burst into Jerome, which I thought was an interesting choice for a set opener but was electrifying!

The setlist was a brilliant mix of a tracks from her debut Youth Novels and Wounded Rhymes and included a remarkable rendition of Kleerup‘s Until We Bleed. The crowd of course loved every song, but particularly flipped out over older tracks like Little Bit and Dance, Dance, Dance. Other highlights for me were Get Some,which saw her grinding up against her mic stand and sexing it up for the crowd, I Follow Rivers which unbelievable got even better live, and Rich Kid Blues during which red lights created a fiery atmosphere and Lykke pounded away on the drums and cymbals, eventually forgoing sticks and using her bare hands!

In a live setting she has such an intensity about her that her energy just vibrates through the whole room, and engulfs everybody right from the very first sight of her. The show was an incredible experience start to finish, you simply see her live if you get the chance (see the dates here) Be sure to check out these links for more photos and videos from the show! – Camille

I’m Good, I’m Gone
Sadness Is a Blessing
I Follow Rivers
Dance, Dance, Dance
Made You Move I Know Places
Little Bit
Love Out of Lust
Rich Kid Blues
Until We Bleed (Kleerup cover)
Get Some

Youth Knows No Pain
Unrequited Love