Premiere! Madonna: Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Monsieur Adi closes his epic revisit of Madonna‘s back catalogue with a rework of Beautiful Stranger. If you listened closely to the finale of the Erotica remix, you’ll hear a few lines from the William Orbit produced track – of a preview of what was to come. That day has now arrived…

Only Adi could completely transform this retro dance track (originally recorded as the title song for Austin Powers) into a haunting orchestral ballad. All the more reason he must produce for the new album.

Beginning with just her voice and slowly building to an epic synth frenzy, Adi has put the crown atop his production skills…but only for now! There is much more to come. He says…

Five remixes over the course of five months for one woman. This project would never have started if there was not a sincere respect for her and her music. I decided to finish with the song « Beautiful Stranger » as the lyrics are wonderful and I wanted to make a beautiful remix to match them by putting my orchestral training to use a little more. Starting at a quiet place with pizzicato cello and building with each orchestral section coming in, the remix builds until an interlude, only to hit its first high point with a different kind of drumming pattern. The synth works and more instruments come in until the choir begins to sing hitting an epic crescendo. Dramatic ? Yes. But would I have it any other way ? No. 

We can only imagine dancing it off all night just to cool off with this track. Preview + grab it below…

Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi Remix)
Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi Instrumental)

Madonna: Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi Remix) by hardcandymusic

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