Madonna declares M.D.N.A. the ‘era of LUV’ at W.E. premiere in New York!

The U.S. premiere of new film W.E. by Madonna and longtime collaborator Alek Keshishian kicked off in style at the Zigfeld Theater last night (Jan. 23) in Midtown Manhattan. We had a quick chat on the red carpet with cast and crew including Andrea RiseboroughJames D’Arcy, Oscar IsaacDavid Harbour and Madonna! Many familiar faces were seen arriving including Patti Smith, Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart and Lady Bunny. The always beautiful Lourdes flew past the cameras and press alongside Brahim Zaibat.

As the master of reinvention, she has yet to answer one question – what is the M.D.N.A. era about? When we swiftly asked ‘how would you describe this new era of music’ she took a brief pause and quipped ‘the era of LUV…okay?’ with a coy smile and was shuffled away to introduce W.E.

Love was the theme of the night and silence fell as she approached the front of the theater and spoke about W.E., sacrifies of the heart and the highly anticipated superbowl performance which she’s ‘working her ass off for!’ The audience held their breath as she took a moment to thank her late mother who ‘gave me life….so thank you,’ tearing up after a painful pause before saying ‘enjoy the film.’  She was then escorted to her seat just a few rows in front of us!
 Here’s Madonna’s tear-jerking speech filmed for us by hulaboy3!

Madonna awoke this morning after last night’s private after-party to news of Arianne Phillips’ nomination for Best Costumes at the 2012 Oscars – congratulations! New details on M.D.N.A. were released today including some of the 2012 tour dates which is rumored to be kicking off in Tel Aviv! The album is set to come packaged in ‘normal’ and ‘special’ edition’s with no collectors set planned at the moment.

Important Upcoming Dates!**these have not been officially confirmed
2 Feb 2012: Madonna will attend the Super Bowl press conference
3 Feb 2012: Release of “Give me all your luvin’”
7 Feb 2012: Official Tour announcement and ticket sale
2 Apr 2012: Tentative release date for “M.D.N.A” for Europe
3 Apr 2012: Tentative release date for “M.D.N.A” for Canada
14 June 2012: Madonna performs in Milan at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza
16 June 2012: Madonna performs in Florence at the Stadio Artemio Franchi
14 July 2012: Madonna performs in Paris at the Stade de France
21 August 2012: Madonna performs in Nice at the Charles-Ehrmann stadium

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