Introducing Jessie Ware

I got my first introduction to Jessie Ware in 2010 when CocknBullKid named her as one of her ‘five London artists to watch in 2011′ in an exclusive piece filmed for Hard Candy. Jessie has collaborated on tracks like Valentine with Sampra, and Right Thing To Do with SBTRKT over the years, and now she’s flying solo. She just dropped her breathtaking new single Running, and it stopped me in my tracks!

With this single, she has taken a modern Soul direction and I believe it’s the perfect genre for her to showcase her beautifully rich voice.  It’s taken from her debut album which was produced by Dave Okumu of The Invisible and will drop this summer.

Jessie was classically trained as a child and was later influenced by 90’s R&B and acts like Lauryn Hill, which may hint at the direction she is heading in. She recently spoke to The Guardian about the upcoming release…

 It’s more soul than you’d think. I love Barbra Streisand and Sade who’ve both had careers in soul and I want my music to have that timeless quality that isn’t necessarily now

In addition to the glorious original, which can be heard in the gorgeous video above, I also suggest you take a listen to the Disclosure mix of the track, it’s a brilliant take on it and sounds so fresh!

Are you feeling Jesse? Do you think comparisons to Sade are valid, or is it soon to judge? Sound off in the comments!