Cosmo Black x Hard Candy

We discovered up-and-coming Aussie producer Cosmo Black after coming across his brilliant remix of Phil Collins In The Air Tonight  on Soundcloud a few months ago, after checking out more of his material we fell in love and asked him to create a mixtape especially for Hard Candy.

MP3: Planet Exit Mixtape

It’s now our pleasure to bring you the Planet Exit Mixtape, a sexy synth affair featuring previously unreleased Cosmo Black cuts and also including some of our favorite recent tracks from the likes of Alpine and Miike Snow.

I’ve been working with Popsmith for the last 2 months on an album about the first traveller to Saturn, it’s more than half way done. Well, it’s more Programme Music than an album, we’re working with illustrator and writer friends to make it an immersive story, not just an album. It kinda takes cues from our favourite early 70’s synth albums, a mix of upbeat synth pop jams and introspective stoner space epics. I included a few of these works in progress in the mix, along with other general tunes I’m feeling at the moment. It’s all pretty down tempo, not a typical club mix.

Stay tuned to Hard Candy for more information on Cosmo’s upcoming material, and of course more of his fantastic mixes!

Cosmo Black – Moonman (demo)
Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight (Cosmo Black Remix) MP3
Jordan F – Abandoned Streets
Alpine – Hands
Sebastian – Nightcall
Cosmo Black & Popsmith – Life under Saturn’s Lonely Suns (from forthcoming album SYNTHIA)
Cosmo Black – Blind (from forthcoming EP Break before you Bend)
Daft Punk – Veridis Quo
Sebastian – Embody
Cosmo Black – Break Before you Bend (from EP Break before you Bend)
Cosmo Black & Popsmith – Escape (from SYNTHIA)
Miike Snow – Devil’s Work LISTEN
M83 – Splendour