Madonna Surprises NYC with ‘Gangnam Style’ Performance with Special Guest PSY

Madonna returned home to NYC this week and performed two shows at MSG. The first night was fabulous, but the second night was even more incredible. After having been upgraded (thank you Guy Oseary and team) we were positioned next to the stage and the VIP area and told we would be taken into the pit after a few songs. We excitedly danced our asses off and watched as Madonna’s team circled the area including Steven Klein and Guy Oseary (who I finally had the pleasure of meeting) then the show started and craziness ensued!

During ‘Hung Up’ we were quickly given our pit bracelets and I rushed in to join other friends  in the third row dead center. The pit was filled with longtime friends scattered all around the triangle which thoroughly added to my enjoyment of the night.  Madonna gave another excellent speech after ‘Open Your Heart’, and when she mentioned a surprise I assumed ‘Holiday’ then she went on to add “that I haven’t done before” and everyone went even crazier. It soon became clear this was a totally remixed song and until she started with ‘Give It To Me’ no-one knew what on earth was coming next! Imagine our surprise when PSY popped up and ‘Gangnam Style’ started! It was such an incredible moment and hilarious watching her killing the moves. She also went on to sing a bit of ‘Music’ with his which was also excellent.

[youtube id=”oos9Qg7qa2c”]

[youtube id=”SRuXOLuD6BA”]

It’s so incredible that this late in the game, she is still mixing it up adding new stuff to her setlist and performing it as flawlessly as the stuff she’s been doing for months on the road. I couldn’t be happier with this tour and the generosity of Madonna and her team in letting her biggest fans into the golden triangle is greatly appreciated!