Follow Me X Hard Candy: Cosmic Rebirth

Brooklyn-based duo Follow Me first caught our attention with their stellar remix of TLC’s ‘Unpretty,’ shortly after they impressed us again with their Soul II Soul ‘Back To Life’ remix. That’s when we knew we had to ask them to be part of the Hard Candy X remix series!

Drawing inspiration from the Mayan ‘end of the world’ theories, which some thought meant that today would see the end of the world, and others believed would be the beginning of a new one, Joe and Anthony whipped up the fabulous ‘Cosmic Rebirth’ mixtape.

The silky smooth hour-long mix gets started with a previously unreleased Follow Me track, then works in some of our favorite tracks from the likes of Jonas Rathsman, Tyson and Satin Jackets.




December 21st 2012, the time of the Cosmic Rebirth for the Milky Way Galaxy, is upon you. This first Galactic Ascension has been a long time coming, and in order to achieve a Collective Transcendence with the rest of the life forms in your celestial realm you must prepare your mind to enter the next frontier of consciousness. We are Follow Me, the extra-dimensional Shamans sent to this universe to help guide mankind through this all important moment in your Planet’s History. With the help of some enlightened humans who call Earth home, we will use these vibrations to help transport you safely over to the other side of existence. Be not mistaken, this is not an ending for your world, it is a new beginning. Join us in celebration of this special moment.


Follow Me – Somethin Bout You
Tyson – Mr. Rain (Mario Basanov Remake)
Fabo – Where I Stand (Karmon Remix)
Ben Mono – The Feel (Bit Funk Remix)
Larse – So Long
Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You
Adrian Barron – Float
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (MK Dub III)
Duke Dumont – The Giver
Bastille – Flaws (Russ Chimes Remix)
Toyboy & Robin – In Need
Satin Jackets – You Make Me Feel Good

If you’re in NYC tonight you should definitely head down to Chelsea Manor and catch Follow Me at the ‘End of the World’ party where they will be playing the late set! More info here.

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What are your favorites on the mix?