Azealia Banks: BBD

Azealia Banks continues to impress by selecting up and coming producers to further explore her unique place within a massive gap in the music industry right now – solid female rappers! Yes, I know you may have a few to call out in response, but those bitches used to dominate the airwaves.

‘BBD’ is a bit less of a throwback track, even if it does sample ‘Trap Shit V9′ by UZ.  It’s more of a sinister sexy romp through a dimly lit club in the wee hours of the evening. Initially thought to be the first single from the forthcoming Broke With Expensive Taste debut by Ms. Banks, she later revealed the lead track was indeed called ‘Miss Amor,’ and yet to be released.

‘BBD’ is lacking the strong balance of hook-y choruses and rap riff’s that I loved so much from it’s predecessors ‘1991’ & ‘212.’ Let’s see what Azealia cooks up on ‘Miss Amor,’ hopefully a more solid lead single.

What do you think of BBD?