Depeche Mode return with ‘Heaven’

After much consideration I think Depeche Mode‘s latest single ‘Heaven’ is a real winner! I was just pondering what this track would sound like before listening, hoping to hear a bit of vintage-Mode for their forthcoming album ‘Delta Machine.’ The boys have had some great ones in the past decade, but where’s the ‘Policy of Truth,’ ‘It’s No Good’ or ‘Walking In My Shoes?’ Martin Gore spoke about the album during a press release, hinting that they wanted to re-created the sound of ‘their best years,’ which i’m sure is very much welcomed by fans.

Heaven comes quite close, putting aside a little of the angst found frequently on their latest efforts Playing The Angel and Sounds of the Universe. A slow burner that might just bring them a generation of new listeners.

UPDATE: The official video just premiered! Check it out below.

As a side note – Dave Gahan’s voice sounds extra sultry nowadays, doesn’t it?

What do you think of ‘Heaven’?