Clancy X Hard Candy: Nightlife

London-based producer Clancy first caught our attention with his recent nu disco jam ‘How To Hold On To You,‘  which has received support from DJs such as Tensnake, Moonlight Matters, and Zimmer. After checking out his SoundCloud and loving what we heard, we quickly invited him to be the next artist in the Hard Candy X remix series.

Nightlife‘ is a near hour-long wander through house territory. There are quite a few artists that are new to our ears, and possibly yours, but we’re loving what we’re hearing so we’ve got some homework to do!

“All the tracks in this mix represent what I’ve been listening to/playing out over the past few months and all have influenced me in the studio. I wanted to create a mix which can be listened to at any time of the day but still makes you want to move. House and disco are really flexible genres and I love the fact they can create different moods in any given environment. Hope you guys enjoy!”

Check out his recent interview with Opus Magazine and stay connected to him on Facebook and Twitter.


Rambla Boys – Rock Solid (Clancy Extended Dub Edit)
Turk & Pym – I Wanna Be (Original Mix)
Climbers – Price of Power (Moonwalk Deluxe Remix)
Isaac Tichaucher – I Forgive You
Steve Huerta – Do Good To Me (Original Mix)
F.E.A.R. – I Was There (Original Mix)
Bart Skills – Midnight Moving (2000 And One’s 1984 Electro Synth Pop Mix)
Foals – My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
Depaack – Eyes On Me (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix)
Clancy – How To Hold On To You

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