Top 5 Super Bowl Performances

Last year, at this time our excitement was at a fever pitch as we waited with bated breath for Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl Half Time show. This year, we eagerly anticipate Beyonce‘s performance at tomorrow’s Super Bowl, I think she’s gonna do a tremendous job.

While we wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve, it’s time for us to take a look back at some of the best performances at the Super Bowl Halftime show over the years…..

5. Diana Ross

The ultimate diva presented an impressive medley of all her hits, numerous outfit changes and just when you thought things couldn’t get much better came THAT EXIT. Seriously, it is pretty damn hard to top that! “Here’s my ride”.. incredible!

4. Prince

The rain & the doo-rag both counted against him, but Prince still managed to come out on top with a killer performance. He never disappoints!

3. Janet Jackson

Well we all know what happened with this infamous performance, but despite the silly boob baring controversy Janet killed it. On point choreography as usual and I love the chemistry between her and Justin, if only it hadn’t all gone so terrible wrong in the last few seconds…

2. Micheal Jackson

The one that started it all in terms of big name stars and huge spectacles. I love that he just arrives on stage and stands still for a little while and people are still going crazy, I’m sure they were totally unprepared for the greatness that comes next. MJ set the bar pretty high with this one..

1. Madonna

No surprises that I pick Queen M as my top Super Bowl performance of all time. She really took it to the next level putting on an incredible spectacle in just 12 minutes. From the moment I saw her perched upon her Cleopatra throne I knew we were in for quite a ride…


What are your top 5 Super Bowl performances?