Red Jacket: ‘President’ feat. Dannii Minogue’s ‘I Begin To Wonder’

I was quite surprised to discover Red Jacket‘s ‘President’ on Soundcloud, featuring samples of JCA’s original version of Dannii Minogue‘s classic ‘I Begin To Wonder.’ This is really taking me back today, loved the original and the entire Neon Nights album. We need a Dannii comeback. Big ups to Red Jacket!

MP3: President (feat. Dannii Minogue)


*Update: We caused quite the accidental stir, the track in fact is not sample Dannii, but Dacia Bridges who sang the original JCA version before Dannii covered it. Our readers know their stuff, thanks for letting us know! Either way, the song is great so enjoy this new mix of it! 

What do you think of the mix?