MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS: Hollywood (Gonzales Rework Version)

“This is who I was. Hollywood infected my brain and I really valued the wrong things in life, but I changed dramatically. This obsession with celebrity culture is really unhealthy. I don’t want to live my life like that, and I don’t want to be a typical pop star…” – Marina via BBC News

The release of Marina and The Diamonds debut album is right around the corner. On February 22nd, The Family Jewels will be released. *that sounds so sexual!*

Here is a great reworked orchestral version with Gonzales. Video below. Abba and Queen meet, have a baby and give her a whole lotta hair spray! Performance video with the two below. - Matt

Marina and The Diamonds – Hollwood (Gonazales Rework Version)


Another Goldfrapp song just leaked! This one is called Believer, and incredibly me and my housemate hear shades of Dragonette’s True Believer in it! (The part where Alison sings I’m a believer, I’m a believer‘) Strange coincidence?

I really both enjoy both this and Rocket – but I’m waiting for the track that blows me away and screams GOLDFRAPP loud and clear at me, a track with a few more twists and turns! – Camille

SADE: Making of Soldier Of Love Video + New Tracks

Check out the making of the Soldier of Love video and here them talk about the process of making the video and the album! In the words of the choreographer ‘Sade doing the Tango I’m into it!’!

Also, just as I was hankering for more tracks from the new album, Sade has put three of the new ones up online! I’m am VERY excited! You can hear The Moon and The Sky at her Myspace To hear Skin just go to, and you can listen to In Another Time on The Ellen Degeneres Show‘s site. This new stuff is ever bit as good as her previous work! - Camille

MY GOLD MASK: Violet Eyes

‘I like Violet Eyes, it’s all your fault…’

My Gold Mask is the first band in a long time that I had the pleasure of seeing live before I heard their studio recordings. After following them since November, I can honestly say i’m hooked! In an upcoming interview that we had with Gretta and Jack, you will clearly hear the duo bears their heart, soul and entire being into their music they produce. Interestingly enough, Gretta (vocals, drums) had never played the drums before this project! Check out Violet Eyes, the lead track from their new EP A Thousand Voices which is on sale now! - Matt
Video directed by Jim Newberry. Shot in both HD as well as with a low-res PixelVision camera.

ELLIE GOULDING: Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix) + Video

Russ Chimes
works his magic on the new electro-folky track by Ellie Goulding called Starry Eyed, released on February 22nd. This follows Under The Sheets, the teaser single from the upcoming album Lights (March 1st) which saw its release on indie label Neon Gold. Ellie’s now singed to Polydor for the album release. Love the production that Starsmith brings to the mix!
I love me some Russ Chimes, his remix of Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold put him on my radar and he hasn’t disappointed since. Congrats to Goulding for earning the Brits Critics Choice Award this year! Video below, Ellie can dance too! – Matt