GRACE JONES: Corporate Cannibal (Dan Donovan Remix)

Dark, moody, political…Grace Jones is a ‘man eating machine’ and a Corporate Cannibal which has been remixed by Dan Donovan and I have to say it’s a great take on the track. If you haven’t seen the black and white techno-chrome video, look below…she’s one of the last artists left that actually command their status in such a way it can’t be questioned. Icon.

Grace Jones – Corporate Cannibal (Dan Donovan Remix)

Watch out, she’s coming for you!- Matt

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE: Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer Cover)

Florence and the Machine take on Robert Palmer‘s Addicted To Love. A fresh take on an iconic original with classic Florence instrumentation in tow. Robert Palmer’s video always cracks a smile and giggle each time I watch. View below! Where was this cover when I saw them perform a few months ago!?
The next single from the amazing debut Lungs will be a personal favorite of mine, Hurricane Drunk – a remix by The Horrors is slated for release soon! If you haven’t picked up the album yet, you absolutely must!

Last but not least, Robert Palmer and his women…Addicted to Love! - Matt

ROISIN MURPHY: Momma’s Place (c90s Mix + Knob Jockeys Dubstep Mix)

I found two new unofficial remixes of Momma’s Place by the lovely Roisin Murphy on the web today. The c90s remix sounds like something out of DFA-land and the Knob Jockeys take Ro all the way deep down to the smoothest of dubstep. Not bad at all!

The photo above is from the new collection of promos used for the new release. This one is my favorite so far!Matt

EL PERRO DEL MAR: (At Your Best) You Are Love (Isley Brothers Cover)

Wow this was an unexpected find today, a cover of the Isley Brothers classic (At Your Best) You Are Love by none other than El Perro Del Mar.

El Perro Del Mar – (At Your Best) You Are Love (Isley Brothers Cover)

The track is a fresh, quieter version of the original and it’ll be on heavy rotation this month for me, I almost like it more than the original. Listen below. - Matt

BLOCKHEAD: The Music Scene (Album Sampler Mixed by DK)

Last year right around this time my friend introduced me to Blockhead and i’ve been obsessed since. He loops, chops, slices, mixes and weaves magic like you just can’t explain. You’ll notice something new each time you listen. Here is a 30-minute teaser megamix of his new album, The Music Scene mixed by DK. Released via Ninja Tune. - Matt