MARINA & THE DIAMONDS: Hollywood (Fenech-Soler Remix)

Marina & The Diamonds is ‘obsessed by the mess that’s America’ as she blasts through pop-stars while looking for the ‘golden light’ in Hollywood. It’s the first single from debut The Family Jewels which will be released in February. Fenech-Soler put the finishing touches on their up-beat dance remix which i’m enjoying tonight. She’s caused a lot of blog buzz this past year so it’ll be great to hear a proper full length. Pump up this mix to hold you over! - Matt

Hollywood (Fenech-Soler Remix)

THE ROPES: Love Is a Chain Store EP

Late to the game again! The Ropes new EP, titled Love Is A Chain Store landed a few weeks ago and it’s a must download! The best part about this band is that all of their music is available for free, yep that’s right, free…on their website.

The cover art for this release looks like one of those Norman Rockwell paintings I used to see in the waiting room of my doctors office. I could easily close my eyes and hear Liz Phair and Shirley Manson somewhere in the restless beauty of Sharon Shy’s voice. – Matt

The Ropes – Love Is a Chain Store
The Ropes – Civil Lanterns
The Ropes – All You Can Learn In a Room

MASSIVE ATTACK: Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval)

Whoah! Massive Attack sure threw us all a surprise with their new video for Paradise Circus – the track of which features the smokey smooth voice of Hope Sandoval (remember Mazzy Star?). Life through the eyes of an ex porn star sure sounded enticing to watch, and boy watching Georgina Spelvin gives commentary on her infamous 1973 film The Devil in Miss Jones was a treat. New album Heliogland is released on February 9th. Did someone turn up the heat in here or is it just me? Watch below. - Matt Interview Dragonette

Back in November we went to see Dragonette at Santos Party House and got the chance to speak with Martina before the show. You may remember I spoke to her over the phone before the album release, but of course we had plenty more we wanted to ask her about the incredible album Fixin To Thrill (one of my personal favorites of the year,) the live show and many more random topics, like what Martina grew up watching on TV! Check out the interview and if you missed our concert review you can check that here! – Camille