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Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy: Look Around You

I’ve been obsessed with the 50 second clip of the new Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy song since we shared it with you it a few months ago, and my excitement has now reached a fever pitch upon discovering the full version of the song which appears to be called  ‘Look Around You.’ It’s a blissful house track with super seductive vocals, and it has certainly perked up my lazy Sunday!

Look Around You‘ serves as a great follow-up to their last collaboration ‘Never Enough‘ which was released 12 years ago. This track will be featured on Boris’ upcoming record. We’re hoping that Ms. Murphy is preparing to release an album of her own in the not too distant future! We can’t believe its been six years since the still flawless ‘Overpowered


What do you think of ‘Look Around You’?