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ColeCo: You’re So Fine

Aw yes. We’ve been waiting for someone to sample this one. Hopefully you’ve heard the original version of essential Brandy jam “Baby” before we proceed.

You may remember ColeCo, who created the dark and dirty Thrillhouse for our Hard Candy X mixtape series. They’ve just released their new single “You’re So Fine” – and, well…it’s everything we’d hoped for. Best of all, it’s available for free download & stream below!

A tropical nu-disco vibe, classic ColeCo style with a touch of Brandy. Y’all aren’t ready. “You’re So Fine” is the first single from new EP Thrillhouse ForeverContinue reading

ColeCo X Hard Candy: Thrillhouse

The latest mix in the Hard Candy X series is brought to you by the incredibly talented Toronto-based duo ColeCo. They hopped on our radar back in summer 2012, when they released the spectacular El Verano EP, and we’re excited to have them join the Hard Candy X family!

Thrillhouse’ features an impressive selection of the finest dance music, skillfully blended together to form a non-stop anthemic mix. It’s a highly polished effort that will surely delight you as much as it has us.

“During the next hour we will infect your brain and transform your mind transcending from space and time (what does even that mean?) embellishing some of our favourite tracks over last year and engulfing you in remixes from a variety of our favourite dance music of all-time. This mix is derived from the depths of your nearest dance floor and will keep your body moving to the sounds of artists such as Amtrac, Luke Million, Oliver and RAC….. Along with a couple of our own including a new exclusive featuring UK’s own Pawws. Lets go to 11! Listen! Indulge! Enjoy! and Dance!”

Sounds like 2013 is going to be a big year for ColeCo, so make sure you are following them on FacebookTwitter and SoundCloud and grab the free ‘El Verano‘ and ‘Can’t Stop‘ EPs!

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Satin Jackets + ColeCo remix Aaliyah’s ‘Rock The Boat’

Ah, two new remixes of Aaliyah‘s ‘Rock The Boat’ came out this year. Isn’t this a wonderful world we live in? They’re both fantastic, not sure which one to choose. All Summer, I’ve loved ColeCo‘s version, off their deliciously free ‘El Verano’ EP. Unfortunately I missed the boat on sharing it with you all. Shame!

The next one comes via Germany’s onwn Satin Jackets, and it’s dubbed ‘Aaliyah’s Boat.’ Equally easy-breezy disco and you can’t fault them for including some of the best elements in the original version.

Which version do you prefer?