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Depeche Mode return with ‘Heaven’

After much consideration I think Depeche Mode‘s latest single ‘Heaven’ is a real winner! I was just pondering what this track would sound like before listening, hoping to hear a bit of vintage-Mode for their forthcoming album ‘Delta Machine.’ The boys have had some great ones in the past decade, but where’s the ‘Policy of Truth,’ ‘It’s No Good’ or ‘Walking In My Shoes?’ Martin Gore spoke about the album during a press release, hinting that they wanted to re-created the sound of ‘their best years,’ which i’m sure is very much welcomed by fans.

Heaven comes quite close, putting aside a little of the angst found frequently on their latest efforts Playing The Angel and Sounds of the Universe. A slow burner that might just bring them a generation of new listeners.

UPDATE: The official video just premiered! Check it out below.

As a side note – Dave Gahan’s voice sounds extra sultry nowadays, doesn’t it?

What do you think of ‘Heaven’?

Depeche Mode: Master and Servant (RSS Remix)

Depeche Mode Master and Servant Single Cover

Depeche Mode are gearing up for the June 6 release of Remixes 2: 81-11, which comes in the form of a 3 disc set spanning their entire career. The list of talent is immense, including M83, UNKLE, Trentemøller, François Kervorkian and Dan The Automator, Stargate, Eric Prydz, Karlsson & Winnberg (from Miike Snow) and Röyksopp. We’ve heard the lot and you definitely wont be disappointed.

We’ve got a free download of the RSS mix of classic track Master and Servant for you to check out today. If you’ve never seen the original video for M+S check it out here. Of course Warner Brothers won’t let us embed it on the site, makes no sense!

Master and Servant (RSS Remix)

A new single Personal Jesus 2011 will be released on May 30th featuring remixes by Stargate (listen), Alex Metric (listen) and Sie Medway-Smith. What do you think of the new mixes and what is your ultimate favorite Depeche track? – Matt

Depeche Mode – Master and Servant RSS Remix

Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)

Depeche Mode are back…well, sort-of!

The electronic masterminds announced the release of a second remix collection a few weeks ago, Remixes 2: 81-11. The massive 3 disc extravaganza (released on June 6th) includes mixes of classic Depeche hits by some of our favorite new talent - Röyksopp, Peter, Bjorn and John, Orbital, Digitalism, UNKLE, M83…the list continues!

I’m very excited to share a new remix of Personal Jesus by Alex Metric with you all tonight!  Love that he kept true to the original but made it a lot harder with tons of grit! - Matt

Remixes 2: 81-11 Tracklist

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LADY GAGA: Dance In The Dark

I’m experiencing major LADY GAGA love right now! Though I’ve always enjoyed the music and many of her performances, I’ve never really watched many of her interviews. I’ve been checking more out recently and enjoying hear her talk about her art and the musicians she admires like DAVID BOWIE. It’s nice to see someone out there with great artistic reference points who is clearly passionate about music. I think Gaga is the closest to MADONNA that we’ll ever see.

Check out DANCE IN THE DARK this hotly leaked track from THE FAME MONSTER. On this 80’s vibed track I hear hints of many great artists like PET SHOP BOYS and BOWIE. Most obviously to me is the beginning which sounds like ENJOY THE SILENCE by DEPECHE MODE and a little later there are shades of SUPER TROOPER by ABBA. Could I also say the shout outs towards the end are very VOGUE or would that be a stretch? You decide… - Camille

Dance In The Dark

DEPECHE MODE: Tour Of The Universe (Live in New York City) Review

*photo from Metromix

Much to our delight the DEPECHE MODE team hooked us up with tickets to their first show at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. After twenty seven years in the business these groundbreaking artists still have it, putting on a superb show and selling out multiple nights at the Garden. It was packed.

The energy these guys still have is amazing! Dave Gahan twirled around the stage gyrating his hips, at times looking he was dancing to La Isla Bonita rather than Depeche’s Synth-pop hits, but it worked! He owned the audience, delighting them with every move, either with or without his trusty mic stand which he spun around with (loved that! very Freddie Mercury) Martin rocked out on multiple guitars, each shiny-er than the last. All of their voices were still incredible; as a result the crowd was pumped the whole way through the show.

In a bold move, they opened with three songs from the new album, Sounds of the Universe instead of starting with some older hits, but the crowd loved it. I thought the show had a good mix of stuff from their new album and older hits such as the classics ‘ Personal Jesus’ and ‘Enjoy The Silence.’ It has to be said that all the sets were also fantastic and really complimented the show. All in all the show was fantastic, even for just a casual fan like myself, who found herself surrounded by die-hards!

In Chains
Hole To Feed
It’s No Good
Question Of Time
Fly On The Windscreen
Little Soul
Come Back
Policy Of Truth
In Your Room
I Feel You
Enjoy The Silence
Never Let Me Down

Encore 1
Master & Servant

Encore 2
Personal Jesus
Waiting For The Night



DEPECHE MODE: Peace (Video Premiere) + Remix Contest

Depeche Mode 'Peace' Single Cover

will release Peace as the second single from Sounds of The Universe. The video has just premiered, the band members are not in the video (apart from a few references). I’m not quite sure what to make of the video, to be honest I was itching for it to just end. It’s nothing like the amazing 4 minute epic video that accompanied Wrong, which you must check out.

Beatport and Depeche Mode are currently holding a remix contest which you can find more information about here. Winners will be picked on June 25th, you can still vote now!

The video was directed by Jonas & Francois, and features Romanian actress Maria Dinulescu. Peace will be released in Europe on June 15th. You can pre-order now via MuteBank.