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Wynter Gordon: Believer (feat. Freemasons)

Oh my lord. I needed a new dance song, so bad. I don’t know why I didn’t check out all these Wynter Gordon songs that have been released over the past few months.  I can’t decide if I like Believer or Dirty Talk more. Sometimes you just need campy dance songs in your library to strut down the street to. Know what I mean? I literally can’t stop listening to this one, repeat repeat repeat!

Gordon has written songs for Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Estelle – the list goes on!

There’s an extended and radio edit of the high energy Freemasons produced Believer. It’s the perfect song to end the year and start 2011! You can buy both versions below, show your support!

For those of us in the U.S. – her debut EP The First Dance is available now. - Matt


SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR: Bittersweet Freemasons Mix + Jodie Harsh Mix!

Yes, Yes, Yes! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Sophie Ellis Bextor and the Freemasons are a match made in heaven. After waiting many months with baited breath to hear the first single from Sophie Ellis Bextor’s new album  finally here it is, well the Freemasons mix at least (they also produced the original track) This sounds pretty damn epic even played at pretty low volume here in my office! Pop Justice also have the original chorus up on their site and proclaim the track to be brilliant, lets all hear the full original then!

Sophie has been filming the video in recent days and tweeted ‘Just been hula hooping in high heels to Bittersweet. All in the name of work’ haha I can’t wait to see it she always makes a good video!

The Jodie Harsh mix of the track is also fabulous!

WHITNEY HOUSTON: Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Club Mix)

As if the WHITNEY HOUSTON track MILLION DOLLAR BILL was not fantastic enough… add in some mix magic by the FREEMASONS and it gets that much better! Totally lovin’ this mix and can’t wait for more mixes of this outstanding track! Although I am very sure that the Freemasons will hold the title for one of the best!