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JILL SCOTT: Live at Wingate Park Brooklyn

So last night we went down to deepest Brooklyn to see Ms. Jill Scott do her thing and she certainly did not disappoint.

Not only does she have an amazing voice and stage presence, but she is also HILARIOUS she was up there making vibrator jokes, and jokes about being married too long which got the crowd roaring with laughter, but it wasn’t all humor, true to form she talked a lot about self respect and also lamented the loss of real music.

She proclaimed that ‘old music’ is now 1998 and talked about how greats like Marvin Gaye are all but forgotten, as well as newer artists like herself trying to make real music. I maybe be all of 24 but I agree with her 100%, all to often great music is overlooked by the mainstream such as songs by her, Angie Stone and to a lesser extent Erykah Badu. *Steps off soapbox*

The highlights of the show for me were: a Long Walk which everyone jammed to, Insomnia,The Real Thing, Crown Royale and Way. All in all it was a brilliant night and I’m now going revisit all my Jill Scott albums :D

Jill Scott – Let It Will Be