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Juliette Lewis: Terra Incognita Video Premiere

If you wondered what the hell happened to Juliette Lewis with her last video the adorable and ever so sweet Uh Huh, that saw her dancing around with balloons, then fear not, your tough girl is back in the new video for Terra Incognita!

Juliette says “I want to be the f—ing antithesis to all the f—ing pop tarts, to Lady Gaga and somebody who works with a pound of makeup and the costumes,” she says. “Yeah, I work with costumes, but it should be raw. I like the idea of instead of promoting sex, you’re promoting strength and vitality.” What a breathe of fresh air she is!

SCISSOR SISTERS: Any Which Way Artwork + Scissor Sisters News

Here is the just released artwork for the new Scissor Sisters single Any Which Way (woohoo great single choice!) The single is dropping September 20th and more details are coming soon! In the meantime, check out the August news video from the band, it features Hard Candy favorites Kylie Minogue, Juliette Lewis and erm Jane Fonda. This seriously had me dying on Monday morning so check it out!

JULITTE LEWIS: Fillmore Irving Plaza NYC Concert Review

Photos by Camille Backer

Still on a high from the amazing interview with JULIETTE LEWIS, I headed down to the main floor to check out her performance. After seeing her at Summerstage In NYC this summer, I was excited to see her do a full set and she did not disappoint! Juliette has such an phenomenal energy which really lends itself to performing on stage. Her energy never drops and you can tell she pours her soul into each and every song.

Some of the highlights of the show for me were; an outstanding performance of one of my favorite tracks from Terra Incognita, “Suicide Dive Bombers” in which Juliette lept over the barrier diving into an excited crowd. They appeared to DROP her but picked her up and she carried right on! An energetic performance of “Terra Incognita,” I loved the conga player! and “Pray For The Band Latoya” which is one of my personal favorite songs.

She also played many of my favorite Licks numbers including “Pray For The Band Latoya” as i mentioned, “You’re Speaking My Language” and she came back on stage to end the show perfectly with an encore of “Hot Kiss,” with headdress (just as Matt was hoping for!)

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HardCandyMusic.com Interview Juliette Lewis

Hard Candy! If It Ain’t Hard, It Ain’t Good!”
Juliette Lewis

Saturday night Matt and I excitedly rushed to the Fillmore Irving Plaza here in NYC, to chat with JULIETTE LEWIS before she hit the stage. Juliette spoke with us about her music and fashion influences, the transition from The Licks to The New Romantiques, and the fabulous new record Terra Incognita.

It was fantastic chatting with Juliette, who has such an enigmatic personality! We loved hearing about her passion for music and evolution as a musician. There was much more we wanted to ask her we could have gone all night, but she had a show to do! Alas, we could not get the Carla Tate out of her – hopefully someday Juliette, someday!

Our first *ever* video interview is below. Stay tuned to Hard Candy for the concert review loaded with pics and videos! – Camille

Big thanks (and high fives!) to Hannah from Sheena Beaston who filmed our interview. She also got the chance to talk to Juliette, so check out her interview here!

JULIETTE LEWIS: Live at Irving Plaza NYC Tonight

Tonight night I’m heading to Irving Plaza in NYC to see JULIETTE LEWIS and her new band perform! I saw her at Summerstage a few months ago and she was amazing (Check the videos here). My only complaint was that the set was too short, that won’t be the case tomorrow!

I’m excited to hear more of her new material from her new album TERRA INCOGNITA and hopefully a few classics from her days with The Licks. In you are in NYC tonight come along and rock out with us! Tickets available here

Check Juliette’s video of her passing our fliers promoting the show on the streets of NYC!

JUIETTE LEWIS: Fantasy Bar (Video Premiere)

Here is the new JULIETTE LEWIS video for FANTASY BAR from her new album Terra Incognita. I love this video it totally captures the raw energy that is Juliette, and does that girl now how to work a costume or what? Who else could pull off the Indian Chief look so well!

Juliette also did the Craig Ferguson show last week and you can watch her perfomance and interview here


Yesterday afternoon I skipped out of work early and headed down to central park on the hottest day of the year here in NYC. I soaked up the sun for a while, then before I knew it there was movement and a race was on to front row! There was JULIETTE LEWIS in an incredible costume, rocking out from the very first song! She only had thirty minutes (far to short) but she made the best of it singing several new songs including ‘Suicide Dive Bombers’ and ‘Hard Loving Woman’ from her new album Terra Incognita. She delighted me with a couple old ones from her Licks days ‘Pray For The Band Latoya‘ and ‘Sticky Honey.’ I was left dying for a bit of ‘Hot Kiss’ and ‘You’re Speaking My Language’ though!

Just a couple songs in and Juliette was over the barrier and into the audience! Just as I was deciding whether to give up my spot at the front and run over to where she was, low and behold there she was heading towards me! She charged through the audience grabbed a random guy and danced for a second, headed back the other way and leaped back onto the stage! I loved it all, she has an amazing stage presence and rocks hard, I cannot wait to see more from her! (Helloooo NYC show Sept 17th at the Fillmore!)

Next up was CAT POWER. She has a wonderful voice which I greatly enjoy, but after the energy that was Juliette Lewis and knowing the energy that was coming next, I felt her set could have been shorter. In fact I think she should have been on first, we could have sat and lounged then leapt up and started dancing for Juliette followed by the Pretenders!

It seemed to me that Cat was not entirely comfortable being on stage, she had a no photo rule and she tugged at her Tshirt and played around with her pocket incessantly. I found her endearing but I felt she would have been better suited to a lounge type atmosphere.

(Thanks Brooklyn Vegan for this pic)

Then it was time for a quick set change and THE PRETENDERS I swear this band gets better and better, It’s just insane! Chrissie tore through classics and new stuff from Break Up The Concrete ( which went down well due to the fact that its quality stuff, people were there for the hits but the new stuff got a great recepetion.

Some of the stand out performances for me were Night In My Veins, during which this wind came out of nowhere and started blowing the stage apart and it threatened to rain, at which point everyone roared with delight due to it still being sooo hot at past 9 because we were dancing up a storm…. The night really was in my veins at that moment! ‘I’ll Stand By You‘ which is one of my favorite songs ever was another stand out, as was ‘Precious’ which I’m not all that familiar with but loved in this live context, ‘Mystery Achievement‘ and my old favorites ‘Brass in Pocket’ and ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong.’

Chrissie is still on top form, brilliant guitarist, remarkable voice and some awesome high kicks and she had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand. I was once again amazed at how her voice still sounds the same after all these years. Truly one of the best performers ever.

Pretenders Set List

Break Up the Concrete
Message of Love
Love’s a Mystery
Kid/The Nothing Maker/Rosalee
My City Was Gone
Angel of the Morning
Back on the Chain Gang
Almost Perfect
The Last Ride
Don’t Get Me Wrong
Don’t Cut Your Hair
Night in My Veins
Boots of Chinese Plastic
I’ll Stand By You
Brass in Pocket
Mystery Achievement

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JULIETTE LEWIS: Interviews, New Performances and Hot Kiss (Video Flashback)

JULIETTE LEWIS is not your average actress turned singer…. she’s really good! On Monday I’m going to see her live in concert for the first time at Summerstage in NYC. I have heard she puts on a fantastic show so I’m excited!!

In preparation for the show I’m on Juliette overload. Check out Juliette-Lewis.com for some great interviews with her in which she discusses her past relationship with Brad Pitt, her new project Juliette and the New Romantiques, the new album Terra Incognita and why she had to move on from “Juliette and the Licks” ( sob sob GREAT band!)

If you aren’t familiar with her, check out her work! Some of my favorite songs are Got Love To Kill, You’re Speaking My Language, Sticky Honey and Hot Kiss. You’ll be hearing more from me about her after the show (which also includes The Pretenders and Cat Power!) for which you can still get tickets for multiple dates on Ticketmaster

Juliette Lewis Performing: “Suicide Dive Bombers”

Juliette Lewis Performing: “Hard Lovin’ Woman”