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Charity: Songs for Japan

Camille and I are always talking about how we want to make good use of the success we’ve built with Hard Candy, and here is the perfect opportunity for just that!

The devastation in Japan is beyond compare, and while people are suffering from day to day aside from this natural disaster, it’s important we support this charity and the relief effort in Japan.

The Songs for Japan digital album is only $10, and includes almost 40 tracks from most of our favorite artists including Madonna, Adele, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Sade, P!nk, Elton John, Norah Jones…the list goes on! I calculated that if all of our readers in just one day purchased the album, we’d be able to send over $100,000 in disaster relief funds! Now is the time for us to band together, guys!

I just purchased the album this morning, and we encourage you to do the same here. – Matt

Justice: Civilization (Adidas Commercial with Katy Perry & B.O.B)

If you are anything like me, you will have been eagerly awaiting new material from French electro gods Justice.  In this new commercial for Adidas featuring Katy Perry and B.O.B , we have our first listen to Civilization, the first track from their forthcoming album, due for release on April 4th.

The song is the soundtrack to the All Adidas campaign, which showcases multiple sub-brands and how the brand fuses sports music and fashion. I like the sound of the track do you? – Camille

Kylie Minogue vs Katy Perry: Get Outta My Teenage Dream (MD Official Mashup)

When my friend sent this my way I was instantly curious, Get Outta My Way and Teenage Dream two of my favorite songs of the summer mashed up, I hoped it was a winner and it was! I think you guys will enjoy this.  I kinda wish they’d left in some of Kylie’s vocals, but Katy’s vocals and Kylie’s music really work well together. Of course I like both originals better but this is fun!

Get Outta My Teenage Dream (MD Official Mashup)

P.S. Don’t you love the artwork Matt created?

KATY PERRY: California Gurls (Video Premiere) + Remixes!

Today Katy Perry unveils the sugary sweet video for California Gurls. I admit, this track has been my guilty pleasure this summer.  The official video features Perry traveling through a candy universe, where she says (in an interview) that everything is edible. She meets up with Snoop Dogg and his army of middle finger flying gummy bears.  The key scene in the entire video is illustrated above. Seriously.

California Gurls (Liam Keegan Remix)
California Gurls (Tommy Sunshine 5AM Edit)

Here are a few remixes that have surfaced for California Gurls, nothing too amazing or different, but the Liam Keegan mix extends the album version quiet nicely + Tommy Sunshine changes the track up just a bit adding some drums + claps! - Matt

KATY PERRY: California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Ok, so I have a new guilty pleasure.  I always knock people when they copy this chord progression in songs (you can hear it in Tik-Tok, Holiday, Get Together, etc) because it’s so over-used.  I’m going to let this one go by, because I can’t get it out of my head. Katy Perry returns to the music scene with a song that sounds exactly like everything that’s out right now called California Gurls.

It’s featuring Snoop Dogg, my favorite rapper of the lot singing about icy popsicles and such all while a vocoded ‘California’ gets repeated over and over. It’s fun, it’s summer. I’ve always loved Katy’s performances and hated her music. I hope she comes out with something completely new and different, but it looks like she’s playing it safe for this album. - Matt

3OH!3: Starstrukk (Feat: Katy Perry)

The boys from 3OH!3 are at it again and they have now added in vocals from yup… KATY PERRY to the song STARSTRUKK which can be found (w/o Katy’s vocals) on their album WANT. I do prefer the version with Katy Perry, she definitely adds something to the song… perhaps 3OH!3 has another hit on their hands, I think they do… but Don’t Trust Me! :)

KATY PERRY: Up-Coming Grammy Performance Perhaps Inspired By The Captain and Tennille… What Do You Think?

So I read on AceShowBiz that on the up-coming Grammy Awards that Katy Perry will be performing her hit I Kissed A Girl with some fan-made videos.  This made me remember a similar performance by the Captain and Tennille on the Grammy Awards and I cannot help but wonder if the fabulous duo perhaps inspired Katy Perry for her up-coming performance on the Grammy’s scheduled to air this February…  What do you think??
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Watch the video of the Captain and Tennille below & tell us what you think :)