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Labyrinth Ear x Hard Candy: Magnolia

Hard Candy favorites Labyrinth Ear are the latest act we have tapped to create a mixtape exclusively for our series. It is our pleasure to present to you the ‘Magnolia‘ mixtape that expertly fuses together some of the band’s favorite tracks of all time and some newer stuff that they are currently listening to. They’ve got everything in there from The Carpenters to Sonic Youth and M83… Say what?! Somehow this eclectic mix really works!

Labyrinth Ear had this to say about creating the mixtape…

“This mixtape is a culmination of everything we’ve been listening to currently. It’s a mixture of different genres and eras and styles, but I think somehow the mixture shares some similar qualities in the overall feel of the music. There’s some 90s hip hop, some classical, some chamber pop, some bangra, overall it’s a good representation of both of our tastes combined. We hope that you enjoy the mix as much as we did making it, and find it entertaining


Make sure that you are following them on Twitter and Facebook for updates on their forthcoming EP and any other goodies they may drop between now and then! Also, don’t forget to check out their latest track Amber if you missed it!


Arthur Russell – Wild Combination
The Cure – Lovesong
John Maus – Believer
Sonic Youth – Becuz
Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Lata Mangeshga – Lag Ja Gale
The Carpenters – Close to You
Franz Schubert – Piano Trio No 2 in E Flat Major
M83 – Run into Flowers (Jackson remix)
Inner City – BIg Fun
Souls of Mischief – 93 till Infinity

What’s your favorite song on the mix?

Labyrinth Ear: Live at Cameo Gallery (Review)

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of seeing Labyrinth Ear  play a fabulous gig just a few blocks away from my apartment at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. It was their last appearance in a string of successful shows marking their North American debut at the CMJ festival here in NYC.

We were treated to a wonderful set made up of songs  from the Oak and Apparitions EPs including my favorites ‘Humble My Bones‘ and ‘Amethyst Days’, which you can watch below.  We’ve had our eyes on these two for quite some time and after falling in love with their unique brand of moody electro pop, it was fabulous to watch them deliver live and see that they are already gaining a following… people in the venue were going as far as to excitedly shout requests at them!

After the show I got the chance to chat with Tom and Emily for a few minutes, where they told me that Emily had unfortunately got sick the first day of CMJ, I would never have guessed because she sounded amazing. I’m happy to report they are just as lovely in person as they are via email!

[youtube id=”playlist?list=PLo0dCB7_9sp1ug7k5zdP0TqUyZJ46LRW6″]

You should look out for their first full length album which is set for release in 2013, and if you aren’t already familiar with them get up to speed by checking out all our Labyrinth Ear songs and videos here and the ‘Magnolia‘ mixtape they completed for us back in 2011.

Labyrinth Ear: Urchin + CMJ Dates

Well, I totally forgot to post this when it was released, but since Labyrinth Ear are in town for CMJ, what better time to share it!  “Urchin” is a moody track with a stormy bassline, twinkly synths and hypnotizing vocals.  These two create such interesting tunes, I love the Asian influences in this one!

I’m so eager to hear the rest of the music they’ve been working on, and hopefully I’ll get the chance in a few days time when I see them play right in my backyard! If you’re in NYC over the next few days you can catch them at the following places:

18 October – Pianos, NY – 12:00am
19 October – 252 Norman Ave – 9:15pm
20 October – Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn – 8:30pm

Labyrinth Ear: Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix)

We loved the original Humble Bones by Labyrinth Ear and now we have a new remix provided by Giraffage to enjoy!

He takes the track in a total different direction changing, getting rid of the super charged electro beats and turning the attention to the floaty synths, providing us with a mellow chill out track.

The band’s new EP Apparitions is due for release on Tuesday and you can pre-order it now at bandcamp.

Labyrinth Ear: Humble Bones (Video Premiere)

I’ve been obsessed with Labyrinth Ear‘s Humble Bones since they dropped it a few weeks ago, now the first single to be taken from their upcoming Apparitions EP has brand spanking new video!

So without further ado I suggest you take a night drive with the concept video created by Feel Good Lost.  You’ll get the best effect if you view this one in HD and full screen!

Labyrinth Ear // Humble Bones from Feel Good Lost on Vimeo.

Labyrinth Ear: Humble Bones

The wonderful Labyrinth Ear have just dropped Humble Bones, the first single from their new EP Apparitions, that is due to be released digitally on 7 Feb.

It’s another inspired synth laden track which boasts a classic 80’s esque bassline and delightful velvety vocals.

The EP is one of my most eagerly awaited releases of the year and you can pre-order it now on their Band Camp!

Labyrinth Ear: Amber

Over the last few months Labyrinth Ear have been hard at work on the follow-up to the glorious Oak EP, released last year.  Much to our delight they have just dropped Amber the first track to be taken from the forthcoming EP (more details to be shared soon!)

It’s a gorgeous track perfect for chilling out on a lazy summer evening.  As usual the production is a cut above the rest and Emily’s smooth vocals slide nicely into the mix.

You should  make sure you’re following them on Facebook and Twitter and not only because they like to invite people over for tea and cakes!


Labyrinth Ear – Amber by Labyrinth Ear

Labyrinth Ear: Walk On The Moon (Arthur Russell Cover)

It has been a little while since we have been treated to new tunes from Labyrinth Ear, but they have have just dropped a rather splendid cover of Arthur Russell‘s This Is How We Walk On The Moon on us! I love it when bands reinterpret their favorite songs don’t you?

The band are currently reading the follow up to the Oak EP, which you simply must download for free if you haven’t already! I’m really keen to hear what they come up with next! – Camille

Walk On The Moon

Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell) by Labyrinth Ear