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Ladytron: Gravity the Seducer (Album Preview) + ‘White Elephant’


Electroclash pioneers Ladytron will release Gravity The Seducer on September 13th (12th in the U.K.)  after a string of single releases from the album. We’ve already heard Ace of Hz, Ambulances, Mirage and White Elephant, which is available as a free mp3 download below. The album is shaping up to be one of our most anticipated of the year.

White Elephant

‘Tron member Mira Aroyo says ‘Gravity is one of their best.

There is a dramatic arc that holds the record together – musically, lyrically and thematically, “…where as ‘Ambulances’ takes us into darker waters,” says Aroyo. “I think [Gravity The Seducer] is our most coherent work, in terms of moods and themes…I feel it’s the most perfect work we’ve done,” adds Hunt.

They’ve put together an animated sampler showcasing songs from the upcoming release. Check it out. For a complete trip back through their catalog, grab the Best Of 00-’10 compilation.

01. White Elephant
02. Mirage
03. White Gold
04. Ace of Hz
05. Ritual
06. Moon Palace
07. Altitude Blues
08. Ambulances
09. Melting Ice
10. Transparent Days
11. 90 Degrees
12. Aces High


Ladytron: Ambulances

Ladytron have just posted up Ambulances another single from their forthcoming album Gravity The Seducer. I  just love the strings on this, although I must say that I find their songs tend to be the same interchangable style. I guess it is those unmistakable vocals! Wouldn’t it be marvellous if they did something completley different one day and surprised us all?

Ladytron – Ambulances by nettwerkmusicgroup


Ladytron: White Elephant

Liverpool’s Ladytron are set to release their fifth album Gravity the Seducer on September 13th, and after unleashing Ace of HZ a few months ago, now here is White Elephant, the first single to be taken from the release.

It’s quite a delight! Trademark dreamy electro pop, featuring lots of luscious synths, twinkly bells and those familiar bewitching vocals. Definitely one to lose yourself in this afternoon! - Camille

Gravity the Seducer Tracklist
White Elephant
White Gold
Ace of Hz
Moon Palace
Altitude Blues
Melting Ice
Transparent Days
90 Degrees
Aces High

Ladytron – White Elephant by nettwerkmusicgroup


Ladytron: Ace of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix)

It’s been quiet on the Ladytron front for awhile now, though they’ve recently released a new single Ace of Hz - the first off an upcoming greatest hits package called Ladytron 00-1.

Punks Jump Up do a great job with the track, enjoying it very much this morning! The band are currently putting the finishing touches on a 5th studio album, more electronic madness in 2011!

Ace of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix)


Ladytron: Ace Of Hz

It really turns into the best day ever when you get surprised with a new track from one of your favorite bands! Check out the delicious Ace of Hz by Ladytron, it is taken from their forthcoming greatest hits album Ladytron 00-1 (I can’t believe they’ve been around ten years already!) Not only do we have a greatest hits album to look forward to in coming months but far more excitingly the band recently revealed that they are currently mixing their fifth studio album!

If you’re in North America and fancy seeing them DJ, check out the dates below!

11-03 Toronto, Ontario – Cobra
11-05 Miami, FL – Vagabond
11-06 St. Louis, MO – Sol
11-07 New York, NY – Standard Hotel
11-09 Salt Lake City, UT – Bar Deluxe
11-10 Mexico City, Mexico – Centro Gallego
11-11 Queretaro, Mexico – Sein Club
11-12 Kansas City, MO – Luna
11-13 Montreal, Quebec – Rialto Theatre