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Mariah Carey Classic 12″ Remix Mixtape by DJ Josh Peace

Back in the 90s you could always rely on Mariah Carey to provide a classic 12″ house remix  or two on her singles. In 1999, Josh Pearce dug his vinyls out and in one take recorded this epic mixtape of some of the best of them from the likes of David Morales, Clivillés & Cole and Junior Vasquez.

This mixtape really hits the spot and makes us pine for the bygone era of classic 12″ remixes. I’m sure many of you miss them just as much as we do. So let’s take a trip back in time and enjoy this excellent mixtape!


01 – Emotions – C&C 12″ Club Mix
02 – Anytime You Need A Friend – C&C All That & More Mix
03 – Dreamlover – David Morales Def Club Mix
04 – Fantasy – David Morales Def Club Mix + The Boss Mix
05 – Always Be My Baby – David Morales Always Club Mix
06 – Honey – David Morales Club Dub
07 – Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) – David Morales Def “B” Fly Mix + Fly Away Club Mix
08 – My All – David Morales Def Club Mix
09 – I Still Believe – David Morales The Eve Of Souls Mix
10 – Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely – Junior Vasquez Club Dub


#Beautiful: Mariah Carey’s Motown throwback

We can’t just share the premiere of Mariah Carey‘s new single ‘#Beautiful’ without calling for explanation as to why the Queen of Lambs Everywhere needs to be featured’ on her own record?

Lucky for her, it’s pretty damn good. That throwback Motown beat underneath Mariah’s voice is flawless and just feels right. Never one to be lazy with her harmonies, never failing to ‘take us up there’ at the end and that’s why we will always love her. Whistle register it away, Mimi!

Grab ‘#Beautiful’ on iTunes now.  Continue reading