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Marina and the Diamonds: How To Be A Heartbreaker (Video Premiere)

Moments ago, Marina and the Diamonds released her video for  her next single “How To Be A Heartbreaker”.  The newly dark-haired Marina looks like she’s having the time of her life dancing with six hot men in the showers!

“I had 100 per cent creative control over this video. I was like OK, lets get six Calvin Klein models and put them in the shower and I’ll be standing the middle in PVC.”

I’m so glad this song has been chosen as a single, it’s a gem I was not too familiar with until after her show where I fell in love with it! I can’t wait to hear some remixes!

[youtube id=”vKNcuTWzTVw”]

Are you loving the video?

Marina and the Diamonds: Lonely Hearts Club Tour Live at Webster Hall (Review)

Last night, I excitedly headed down to Webster Hall to catch the first of Marina and the Diamonds‘ two sold out NYC shows which will close out her successful Lonely Hearts Tour. I last saw her perform back on The Family Jewels Tour back in 2010, and since then much has happened in the world of Marina. She has released the extraordinarily brilliant Electra Heart album, played lots of headliner gigs and supported acts as huge as Coldplay, all the while securing a growing fanbase of Diamonds!

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of interviewing Marina and chatting to her about her favorite artists, so when much to my delight I heard songs including Madonna’s Hollywood and Garbage‘s Stupid Girl as I waited in the photo pit for her to take the stage, I knew she’d had a hand in the marvelous selections.  Shortly after nine she appeared on stage to the opening notes of Homewrecker and the screams of the eclectic crowd gathered below (teenage girls dressed in Electra Heart garb, screaming gays, and rather randomly a bunch of older gentlemen who appeared to be alone) covered in a wedding veil and with a white fur draped around her shoulders, which instantly reminded me of Madonna on The Virgin Tour – never a bad thing!

She then tore through Oh No! and Mowgli’s Road, two of my favorites from The Family Jewels, passionately singing and bounding around the stage electrifying the crowd. One guy behind me screamed “Oh wow, she is serving right now!” and as I snapped away trying to resist the urge to dance and focus on shooting, I thought to myself “I couldn’t agree more.” She slowed things down for Lies, which she revealed to us in our interview is the most personal on the album, showcasing her operatic voice and delivering a pitch perfect rendition that stopped me in my tracks – the power and emotion in her voice was just incredible.

“Are you ready for the first costume change of the evening?” she asked jokingly as she removed a sheer pink dressing gown from the assorted rack of props assembled at the back of the stage and slipped it on over her outfit. Then came The State Of Dreaming and a show stopping performance of Power & Control, my favorite from Electra Heart.  During Bubblegum Bitch as I watched her don her ‘Miss Selfish Beach’ sash and switch between ‘Miss Sugar Pink’ and ‘the bitch’  personas reflecting the song’s punchy lyrics, it struck me that in concert she really puts everything into embodying each character she has established for Electra Heart. 

One particularly cute moment was when Marina’s toy dog Marilyn found herself in the spotlight as she was introduced to the crowd before Primadonna. Marina clearly has a brilliant sense of humor as she told the crowd she found Marilyn smoking a crack pipe in a back alley, asked her to be in the Primadonna video, and now she was living it up in the spotlight after a stint in the Betty Ford clinic!

When not twirling happily around the stage Marina also made sure to demonstrate her instrumental talent during the evening, first taking to the keyboard for a sparkling rendition of Obsessions and later Teen Idle which served as one of the encore tracks.  The concert was a perfect mix of ballads and dance tracks from Marina’s two albums and the audience was treated to all the sides of her that make her one of the most talented pop stars to emerge in recent years. If there is any justice in the world, this will be the album with which she breaks America.

[youtube id=”playlist?list=PL583235C518EBBFC6″]


Oh No!
Mowgli’s Road
I Am Not A Robot
Starring Role
The State of Dreaming
Power & Control
Bubblegum Bitch


Teen Idle
Fear and Loathing
How To Be A Heartbreaker

Marina and the Diamonds: Teen Idle (Live At Tabernacle In London)

Marina and the Diamonds recently  performed Teen Idle live at the Tabernacle in London and a rather lovely video has just been uploaded to her YouYube channel. She also recently spoke about the track and what it means to her..

I originally got the idea for the song seeing a jumper at a fashion show that had huge holes on it with “TEEN IDLE” emblazoned across the front. Lyrically, it’s a strange song as it crosses polar opposite themes – innocence and darkness. I had waited a long time to write that song and it helped me acknowledge some experiences that I’d had in my teenage years. Ages 16-20 were kind of blackout years for me- Like I didn’t even live them or they didn’t belong to my life. I don’t really remember them. It’s most definitely one of my fan base’s favorite songs on Electra Heart. I’m really proud of it. The nicest thing about being an artist is realizing that a feeling or experience you had that you always thought was really obscure or embarrassing, is in fact very common, and that we all deal with pretty much the same stuff in one way or another.

[youtube id=”oiRjvejL5D4″]

Marina kicks off her tour with Coldplay tonight and then we’ll get some solo Marina action Stateside in a few weeks time. Are you ready?

Marina and the Diamonds Performs ‘Primadonna’ and ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’ Live On Jimmy Kimmel

We love seeing our favorite Brits get well deserved airtime on U.S. television. The latest to grace our screens is Marina and the Diamonds who appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night giving an excellent performance of Primadonna and her next single How To Be a Heartbreaker.

Electra Heart was finally released in the U.S. today, we highly suggest you get your hands on it if you haven’t already!

Marina and the Diamonds: FaceCulture Interview

Marina and the Diamonds recently say down for this brilliant interview with FaceCulture in which she talks about the process of creating her stunning latest album Electra Heat, creating dark pop songs, being a female pop singer and much more.

p.s. I love how she referenced Madonna‘s Ray Of Light, this girl has taste! Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.