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Lady Gaga vs Madonna vs David Guetta: Born To Express Love (Robin Skouteris Mix)

Robin Skouteris does it again! After that stunning mashup of Vogue and Barbra Streisand (grab it here), now he brings us Born To Express Love, a mashup of Lady Gaga, Madonna and David Guetta.

This is a really fun remix, with a few surprise elements such as the inclusion of Madonna‘s Liquid Love which blends perfectly with When Love Takes Over. They did such a splendid job on the video as well! – Camille

Born To Express Love

Madonna vs. The Who: Virgin O’Riley (Mashup)

This track has been floating around since early last year, but we never got around to posting it. A mashup of epic proportions, featuring two classic artists – Madonna and The Who. Like a Virgin and Baba O’Riley never sounded so good together! They fit perfectly, maybe we’ll see a rock version of yet another M classic in the near future!

Thank you Go Home Productions for making this great mash! – Matt

Madonna vs. The Who (Virgin O’Riley) Mashup

Here’s a video mash-up to go with it too, hot stuff!