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Top 5 Super Bowl Performances

Last year, at this time our excitement was at a fever pitch as we waited with bated breath for Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl Half Time show. This year, we eagerly anticipate Beyonce‘s performance at tomorrow’s Super Bowl, I think she’s gonna do a tremendous job.

While we wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve, it’s time for us to take a look back at some of the best performances at the Super Bowl Halftime show over the years…..

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Diana Ross: Boy U Turn Me (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix)

Diana Ross‘ 1980 album Diana, produced by the amazing Nile Rodgers, is a phenomenal album and has a well deserved spot  in my top ten albums of all time.

This morning, I stumbled on an edit of Upside Down, one of my favorite tracks, masterfully created by Late Night Tuff Guy. It’s a remarkable edit that really manages to do justice to the flawless original.

DOWNLOAD / Boy U Turn Me (LNTG Edit)

Now you’ve hopefully enjoyed that, you simply must watch this 1981 performance of the track with Michael Jackson, Diana really is everything… what a star!

Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray: guilty of involuntary manslaughter

Guilty as charged was the verdict today in the trial of Michael Jackson‘s doctor, Conrad Murray. He’s lost his medical license and will go to jail for four years, the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff pleaded with the jury to find Dr. Murray not guilty during his closing statement, explaining that Michael was responsible for his own death…

 “Michael Jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed Lorazepam and Dr. Murray didn’t know. Somebody’s got to say it … If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson … anybody else, would this doctor be here today?”

The jury didn’t seem too moved by his statement, and found Murray guilty of manslaughter shortly thereafter.

Do you agree with the verdict? Was Michael Jackson responsible for his own death or too lost in a sea of mental problems and drug addiction to make the proper decisions? Should Conrad Murray have been found guilty? Sound off in the comments below.

Let’s remember MJ’s better moments with this new mega-mix from the new album Immortal.

Michael Jackson: Remember The Time (Allies Remix + Video)

While i’m not a fan Michael Jackson‘s ‘new’ material, you can’t help but love the past classics that made this man so unique to the world.

Electronic group Allies have created a video remix masterpiece as a ‘tribute’ to one of my favorite MJ tracks Remember The Time.

I’m not sure if it’s okay to laugh, but i’m doing it anyway! Check out the remix video below + share your favorite Jacko tracks in the comments! I’ve included the original video below if you haven’t seen it in awhile, artists just don’t make videos like this anymore. Amazing! - Matt


Penguin Prison vs Michael Jackson: Golden Train Vs Workin’ Day + Night

The other night Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison posted this delightful treat on his Facebook page. He’s expertly mashed up his latest single Golden Train with the classic Michael Jackson track Workin’ Day & Night, from one of my favorite MJ albums Off The Wall. This is just one more reason to love this guy!  The mash up works so perfectly and I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

Penguin Prison‘s debut album will be released in 2011, and he is one of our artists to watch for the coming year! – Camille

Golden Train vs Workin’ Day & Night


Michael Jackson Ft. Akon: Hold My Hand

First of all, can I just note how much I hate when Akon starts a song screeching “Akon and so and so,” this is made worse when the second name is that of a legend a la Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. Anyhow, I digress, here is the first official single from the forthcoming Michael Jackson album Michael. It’s called Hold My Hand and it’s a duet with Akon. I actually kind of like the song, but I do find it very funny that Akon is on the duet, surely it should have been a girl singing the other part? It sounds like they are singing to each other! I’m excited to hear the rest of the tracks from the posthumous album, hopefully there will be some dance tracks!

Hold My Hand

Michael Jackson: Breaking News

It’s a little haunting to hear Michael Jackson‘s voice from beyond the grave, even though his new single Breaking News was recorded in 2007.

The track is classic Michael, with his signature bass line + leave me the fuck alone attitude. He attacks the critics once again, with the way he always knew best – his music.

At certain times during the song it seems like someone else is singing, it doesn’t quite sound like Michael. This single leads the posthumous release of Michael, songs from Epic’s catalogue. Gotta love the Jackson’s when they are angry, the music is always better!

Here is the album cover featuring a collage of all Michael’s iconic moments, done by artist Kadir Nelson. What do you think? - Matt

GIVEAWAY: Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’ Costume Jacket!

Hey guys, we are so excited about this particular contest.  While we love giving away music, signed merch and headphones…this contest is totally a keeper. Get ready for Halloween or a strut down the street with this Michael Jackson ‘Beat It’ jacket costume!

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S.W.V: Right Here (Human Nature Extended Mix)

Can I explain how I listen to this song at least once a week? Yes, it’s Right Here by the lovely SWV girls. The Michael Jackson Human Nature sample is where it’s at. I can’t tell you how many car rides I spent as a little kid with this blastin’ over the speakers. Here’s the extended mix for your listening pleasure!

Right Here (Human Nature Extended Mix)

There are two videos for this track. Unfortunately the second video, which features the sample is super yawn (unless you like watching women with fishing poles!) It’s all about the first one! Let’s relive this era, shall we…? - Matt

BLONDIE: Panic Of Girls New Album Details + Artwork

Blondie.net just relaunched this weekend and a nice treat found while looking around was the site was this higher quality image of the new album cover created by Dutch artist Chris Berens! As was rumored the new Blondie album title is Panic Of Girls and I am obsessed by this artwork, so creative! A few weeks ago Chris posted these details about the album on his blog:

“ok we are getting closer to the next record… all the mixes are done… we have a couple of very cool guest artistes, we are pushing for a 15-16 track record… there are three, maybe four cover songs… theres one track in French and Two in Spanish… as for the English language remaining tracks most of the lyrics are by Debbie… i must say i am knocked out by the lyrics alone… i think that this record will help people understand that one can write rock lyrics that go further into the realm of poetry and literature, that just dont make simple statements… i think all the blondie records are different and have their own character… this one has been in the works for over a year and the long period since the last record has certainly pushed it into its own space… yes it sounds like blondie no question… yes its a rock record… yes there are a bunch of different styles explored… beyond that i dont have more right now… i am close to saying its a little on the dark side but that may just be my own interpretation… so far we have only played things for very few people… when people hear it then we will get more of a consensus on what they think it is… we will release more details in a while the release is supposed to be in the spring… i will let you know”

Read more from Chris posted today here!

15-16 songs is very ambitious but the more Blondie material the better as far as I’m covered and 3 or 4 cover songs could also be good news. I think its safe to assume that the cover of Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, that I greatly obsessed about here on Hard Candy when I heard them play it live last summer, is gonna make the cut. Check out this footage of them singing it in the studio!