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Janet Jackson: Throb (Peter Rauhofer 2013 Remix)

MuuMuse and I have been known to obsess over Janet Jackson’s ‘Throb,’ so when I saw that he posted a fresh mix from Peter Rauhofer I knew I was in for a treat!

Rauhofer’s take on the 1993 classic is, as you might expect,  an anthemic club delight. It has to be said that there’s nothing like the sexiness of the original, which can be found on the flawless ‘Janet’ album, but I think you’ll enjoy this nonetheless!


KYLIE MINOGUE: All The Lovers (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

Yesterday we were given the amazing news that Kylie Minogue‘s album Aphrodite debuted at #19 on the U.S. Billboard 200 this week. This is a landmark win for Kylie and she certainly deserves it.

Thinking life couldn’t get any better, we’ve just got our hands on the Peter Rauhofer remix of All The Lovers.  As the single climbs the Billboard Dance Charts, sitting at #6 we know this will rocket her to that golden spot…#1!  The mix is classic Peter, and doesn’t dissapoint! - Matt

All The Lovers (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

Kylie’s spot for the Sat 1 campaign in Germany could totally be an alternate video for All The Lovers. So many bright colors!

MADONNA: Dance 2Night (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

So its’ Saturday and all kinds of nasty outside in NYC! They tell me the rain will stop but the puddles to skip over and all just, phew. Watching MADONNA‘s Confessions Tour this week on Youtube – yes, you better watch it before some dick wad up in the record label reports it to Google-owned Youtube. Can you imagine being that guy?

The first dance god I heard was during my days at the Roxy and yes, it was the notorious and infamous Peter Rauhofer – all in all I love his cold style of progressive house. I always am of opinion that Peter brings on the next mesh of pop dance and progressive house. With all that being said enjoy Madonna’s DANCE 2NIGHT. - JAKE


Dance 2Night (Peter Rauhofer Remix)*
Thanks DJ Cocas!

WHITNEY HOUSTON: Million Dollar Bill (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

It hasn’t quieted on the WHITNEY HOUSTON front at all since the release of I Look to You last month.  She’s just announced a European tour (with a U.S. leg we hope!) slated for 2010 with dates yet to be released.  I’ve found a great remix of MILLION DOLLAR BILL reworked by Peter Rauhofer which i’m lovin’ on this Saturday night. Glad Whitney gave us club smash again, come to NYC Whitney! - Matt


SHAKIRA: She Wolf (Peter Rauhofer Remix)

I love that hard-hitting’ dance your ass off club mix of a catchy pop song; but only when it’s done right.  When SHAKIRA‘s ferociously empowering SHE WOLF was handed over to Peter Rauhofer, I knew the result would be all out club madness.  Very satisfied with the mix, the original is preferred (what a sick production from Pharell). A great remix on this Saturday night. Signing off from NYC - Matt.