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Solomun feat. Roisin Murphy – Gamble On You

Ready for this stomper? Bosnian producer Solomon recruits Hard Candy favorite Roisin Murphy on his new track, the delicious “Gamble On You.” This number is nice and dark, with pulsating synths and a sexy stomping rhythm.


Can’t get enough of her silky smooth voice, so unique. Going to be blasting Ro for the rest of the day! Thanks to Dimitri for alerting us via Facebook!


Preview Roisin Murphy’s collaboration with Solomun!

Listen to the first eight minutes of German producer Solomun‘s recent set at the BPM Festival and you’ll hear a familiar voice. That’s right, it’s Roisin Murphy! Seriously looking forward to hearing this stomper in all it’s high quality glory.

You may recognize Solomun from his infectious remix of Ro’s “Flash of Light!” A big thank you to Ben for alerting us about this on our Facebook page! Oh, and whoever took this stunning photo (above) please let us know so we can give you credit.


Hot Natured + Roisin Murphy: Alternate State

After excitedly sharing the clip with you yesterday, Roisin Murphy‘s collaboration on Hot Natured‘s forthcoming album has surfaced in full. We’re pumped for it! Listen below.

Make sure to pick up Hot Natured’s new album Different Sides of the Sun when it drops on September 2nd.  Now can we get a proper album from Ms. Murphy anytime soon? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 1.23.00 PM

Preview: Roisin Murphy’s collaboration with Hot Natured!

If you’ve been with us for awhile you’ll know how excited we are whenever something new featuring our girl Roisin Murphy comes out!

Listen to the full version of “Alternate State” right here

Enter “Alternate State,” her collaboration with steamy house outfit Hot Natured. It’s a match made in heavy, listen to the late nite burnin’ jam below. “Alternate State” comes in at the 1:40 mark!

Make sure to pick up Hot Natured’s new album Different Sides of the Sun when it drops on September 2nd. So fresh, so clean and so new!  Continue reading


Roisin Murphy Shares Details Of Forthcoming Collaborations.

A few days ago, we brought you the Roisin MurphyLook Around Youmini mix, and now we’ve got some exciting news on forthcoming collaborations which comes from an interview Roisin recently did with Swedish magazine Zero.

The most devoted among you may remember a little Roisin track called ‘Leviathan (Do It Yourself),’ which was apparently produced in 2009 with Kid Gloves and premiered in one of her DJ sets in Rome back in 2010. Well it turns out that it’s finally ready for release as a collaboration with Freeform Five aka DJ Anu Pillai.

We’ve also got the Italian EP with Luca C and Brigante to look forward to. On it Roisin will interpret classic songs by divas like Mina and Patty Prao.

“Though we will mix in electronics as well, so it will be completely different versions.Both of the two women fascinate me. They were so ahead of their time, in different ways. An artist at the same time is known as a blonde bombshell, but still have full creative control and dare to take risks with the music, and also with such a strong emotional charge, provides a heady feeling”

If that’s not enough for you, she will also be featured on a song on the DJ collective Hot Natured‘s upcoming album. This track has an Ace of Base feel and was played in Ibiza last year.  Lastly, there is also more material planned with Solomun but she did not reveal any additional details.

Stay tuned to Hard Candy for more Roisin news and music as we get it! Connect on Facebook and Twitter!