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Satin Jackets release stunning new track ‘You Make Me Feel Good’

I’ve been on the hunt for new music since I was a very young child, saving up money from my paper route in a small NH town so on Friday’s I could go to ‘The Music Shop’ and buy a new album. They didn’t have much, but back then it was all I had. Sometimes my friends and I would just buy an album based on the artwork, name or a feeling we had when looked at it. Many were great finds, others…not so much.

It’s not often that i’m blow away by a new track, but newcomers to the scene Satin Jackets have surely surprised me with their latest effort ‘You Make Me Feel Good.’  They’ve taken the latest craze of tropical indie nu-disco and polished it to a shiny, spotless finish. That washed out guitar is just pure heaven. Listen below and make sure to check out their rework of Aaliyah‘s legendary ‘Rock The Boat’ here.

Are you loving Satin Jackets?

Satin Jackets + ColeCo remix Aaliyah’s ‘Rock The Boat’

Ah, two new remixes of Aaliyah‘s ‘Rock The Boat’ came out this year. Isn’t this a wonderful world we live in? They’re both fantastic, not sure which one to choose. All Summer, I’ve loved ColeCo‘s version, off their deliciously free ‘El Verano’ EP. Unfortunately I missed the boat on sharing it with you all. Shame!

The next one comes via Germany’s onwn Satin Jackets, and it’s dubbed ‘Aaliyah’s Boat.’ Equally easy-breezy disco and you can’t fault them for including some of the best elements in the original version.

Which version do you prefer?