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Simian Mobile Disco: Put Your Hands Together (Video Premiere)

Simian Mobile Disco‘s Unpatterns is one of our most anticipated releases of the year. Ahead of its release they have just dropped the new video for club banger Put Your Hands Together.

Created by ISO Studios Hans Lo, the 7-minute long video is a hypnotic mesh of lines and colors that somehow totally coordinate with the music and send us into a trance like state!

Simian Mobile Disco: Seraphim (Video + MP3)

Simian Mobile Disco new album Unpatterns is soon to be unreleased on the world, and a couple of days ago the band released the video for Seraphim and treated us to a guilt free mp3 of the excellent track!

The video takes a look at people with different obsessive compulsive disorders, and since people on YouTube kept asking how it fitted the music (I mean really does everything have to have an explanation?) the band took the time to offer their thoughts….

Since people are asking – It’s a series of scenes of people going over their obsessive-compulsive type behaviours… as to how that refers to our music, on our new album we’ve been inspired by ideas of repeated loops and patterns breaking down and decaying over time. And the process of making electronic music lends itself to obsessive-compulsive tendencies..


What do you think of the track and video? Offer your opinion in the comments!

Simian Mobile Disco: Cerulean (Video Premiere)

We’re excited about the return of Simian Mobile Disco, who are soon to release their next album Unpatterns,  a couple of day ago they dropped Cerulean, a new track from the release, and it’s getting a lot of play at Hard Candy HQ!

We’re also loving the 80s video game inspired video, even if it is shocking to us that we’re old enough to recall playing games that looked like this!

Are you feeling Cerulean? Let us know in the comments!

Simian Mobile Disco mark return with ‘Unpatterns’

Simian Mobile Disco tease new material with eerie inhaling and exhaling. Oh, and there are a few wails in there too! Fourteenth Principles is the first hint at new material from the minimal tech duo from the just announced/upcoming album Unpatterns.

You know we’ve raved about their collaboration work with Beth Ditto, clamored for them to produce/remix something for Madonna and danced it off with their album Temporary Pleasure.

I’m intrigued, how about you? Unpatterns drops May 14th.

via PMA

Beth Ditto: Solo EP Artwork + ‘Do You Need Someone’

Holy eye liner!

Beth Ditto has created one hell of an electro-disco masterpiece with her debut solo EP, the official cover of which was just released (above)! We were worried, as the Deconstruction Records cover that came out was beyond lackluster. This cover rocks our world, she’s gone all sultry and gothic on us and we love it!  With this cover now released we have the total package and all is good in the world of Ditto!

The ease at which she struts her way through the EP is just astonishing, Simian Mobile Disco provide the production and the result is a win on every level. All four tracks on the EP are gems that could stand on their own, but currently it’s all about Do You Need Someone for us over here! Beth just performed Gossip classic Heavy Cross at the Etam Lingerie fashion show over in Paris which you can watch here. - Matt

Beth Ditto: I Wrote The Book

What a way to start a Monday! The new Beth Ditto EP dropped on Beatport a few hours ago sending us into an instant frenzy! It is a delicious collection of four tracks that showcase a more mellow sounding Beth backed by hypnotic beats provided by collaborators Simian Mobile Disco. SMD had this to say about working with Beth.

“Working with Beth honestly couldn’t have been any more fun. We basically started where we left off with cruel intentions and went deeper into psychedelic disco territory. We tried to keep it pretty raw and simple, all the while focusing on Beth’s brilliant melodies.”

Based on Cruel Intentions I had high hopes for this collaboration and they sure did not disappoint. I’m loving the laid back simplicity of these tracks, after slaying at the rock style showcased with Gossip, Beth has also mastered this style so well! I must admit I’m having a tough time picking my favorite track between Goodnight Goodmorning and I Wrote The Book.

Beth Ditto: New Solo EP (4 Track Stream)

Earlier this week we screamed in delight when we found out that Beth Ditto was going solo and releasing an EP produced by Simian Mobile Disco. We’ve been treated to a 2 minute preview sampler (which you can listen to below) of the entire collection which is due for release in January.

Beth has shifted towards a more electro, minimal disco sound and it really works with her powerful voice. It’s could almost be mistaken for a Hercules & Love Affair collaboration. Hints of Roisin Murphy also shine through, but Beth sells it all on her own.

You may remember the first she collaborated with SMD on the epic Cruel Intentions from the album Temporary Pleasure! If you haven’t heard it yet, you simply must! – Camille

Goodnight Good Morning
Do You Need Someone?
I Wrote The Book
Open Heart Surgery




As you may have heard in our interview with Nathan from Gossip, Matt mentioned that we have been loving the SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO track CRUEL INTENTIONS that features Gossip’s BETH DITTO on vocals. I’m just love in love with her voice! So rather being a total tease, mentioning but not sharing, here is the track for you to enjoy also!

Cruel Intentions


New material from SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO is upon us as we come closer to the release of Temporary Pleasure on August 17th. The new album will feature vocals from Beth Ditto, Jamie Lidell, Beth Ditto and more. Chris Keating of Yeasayer provides vocals for Audacity of Huge, the nu-retro and loud lead-off single.

Video clip directed by Kate Moross. Kool Aid and a lot of colorful 80’s toys, ’nuff said.

Simian Mobile Disco will be touring the UK thorugh September and October 2009. Tickets are on sale now.