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Crystal Castles + Robert Smith: Not In Love

For some reason I held out on listening to the new Crystal Castles, they didn’t catch my eye during their first go around. At times they’re just noise, but they’ve got some amazing gems hidden beneath it.

I did love Vanished from their debut album…but The Cure’s Robert Smith definitely sweetens the pot. The band + legend collaborated on this 80’s cover, originally by Platinum Blonde.

I love this song. Smith’s voice laid upon the gritty synth sound is magic. They picked a great track to re-work. Amazing. Crystal Castles II is out now, check it out…i’m so glad I finally did! - Matt

Not In Love
(featuring Robert Smith)

Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign … I Mean Song?

This article written by my friend Sherene Schostak mashes up modern day astrology with some great music that is always floating through my iTunes. She’s got a great collection! Check out the original article here or read it below! The pic above is just amazing. ;)

Now that the the planet of love, Venus (which is still moving backward or ‘retrograding’) has gone back into Pisces, let’s check in with the almighty oracle of the iTunes shuffle function to see what the cosmic messages are for each sign at this complex alchemical juncture.

Does this mean we have to give up our narcissistic fetishes like Twitter in order to do something more compassionate, like save the world — or at least our souls? In honor of Pisces, let’s see what the gods of music have to say.

Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones

“Oh, a storm is threatening
my very life today.
If I don’t get some shelter,
I’m going to fade away”


Underneath the Stars by The Cure
“Floating here like this with you,
underneath the stars alight,
for thirteen billion years the view is beautiful,
ours alone tonight”

Profanity Prayers
by Beck
“Well you know how it looks
when you close all the books on the table.
And you stare into space
trying to decide the way now”

Doll Parts by Hole
“I want to be the girl with the most ache.
I love him so much it just turns to hate.
I fake it so real I am beyond fake
and some day you will ache like I ache”

Gold Dust Woman
by Fleetwood Mac
“Rock on gold dust woman,
take your silver spoon and dig your grave.
Heartless challenge
pick your path and I’ll pray”

by R.E.M.
“Hey kids, where are you?
Nobody tells you what to do baby.
Maybe you did, maybe you walked.
Maybe you rocked around the clock”

There’s a World
by Neil Young
“There’s a world you’re living in
No one else has your part
All God’s children in the wind
Take it in and blow hard”

Stellar by the Smashing Pumpkins
“Built a mere kingdom of self abuse
hitched to some rainbow once more,
it’s always yours once more,
the wait hurts worse than the blows”


Hey Johnny Park by The Foo Fighters
“It’s impossible, I can’t let it out
You’ll never know
Am I selling you out?
Sit and watch your every mood”

The Hand that Feeds
by N.I.N
“Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew it until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?”

Wherever I May Roam by Metallica
“Under the wandering stars
I’ve grown by myself but not alone
I ask no one
And my ties are severed clean
Less I have the more I gain
Off the beaten path I reign”

The Fly by U2
“It’s no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
It’s no secret that our world is in darkness tonight
They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by a moon
Love you shine like a burning star”

BAT FOR LASHES: A Forest (The Cure Cover)

I can’t wait to run home from work today and listen to this track by Bat For Lashes. It’s part of a 2 CD compilation of ‘Cure‘ cover songs called ‘Perfect For Cats…A Tribute to The Cure‘.

A Forest (Download)

The album cover is nothing but magical…and Bat for Lashes is just one of many hot artists to be included in this compilation.

Bat For Lashes “A Forest”

Jesu “The Funeral Party”

Xu Xu Fang “Fascination Street”

The Muslims “Grinding Halt”

Astrid Quay (of Winter Flowers) “The Caterpillar”

The Dandy Warhols “Primary” *can’t wait for this one!

Indian Jewelry “The Walk”

Army Navy “Jumoing Someone Else’s Train”

Rio en Medio “Pictures of You”

Hecuba “Killing An Arab”

Veil Veil Vanish “The Upstairs Room”

Aquaserge and Laure Briard “10.15 Saturday Night”

Joker’s Daughter “Kyoto Song”

Voyager One “M”

Ex-Reverie “The Hanging Garden”

Devastations “All Cats Are Gray”

Les Bicyclettes Blanches “Hot Hot Hot!!!”

Katrine Ottosen (CALLmeKAT) “The Love Cats”

Mariee Sioux “Love Song”

Wolfkin “Charlotte Sometimes”

Rainbow Arabia “Six Different Ways”

Corridor “The Kiss”

Tara Busch “Let’s Go To Bed”

Kaki King “Close To Me”

Lewis & Clarke “Disintegration”

blackblack “In Between Days”

We Are The World “Why Can’t I Be You?”

Sarabeth Tucek “Three Imaginary Boys”

Gangi “Fire In Cairo”

Buddy “Sugar Girl”

Ich Bin Aiko “A Strange Day”

Silver Summit “A Night Like This”

Caroline Weeks “The Drowning Man”

Lemon Sun “The Exploding Boy”

Lewis & Clarke “Disintegration”