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The Raveonettes: Raven In The Grave News, Forget That You’re Young, War In Heaven + Recharge And Revolt Teaser Video

I’m thrilled that The Raveonettes are returning soon with their fifth album titled Raven In The Grave, due April 18th on Vice. In the last couple of weeks we have been fortunate enough to preview a few of the tracks from the upcoming release and I like what I’m hearing! The band had this to say about the upcoming album..

“I think we have finally hit on something quite important and different for this album, this is the first Raveonettes album we’ve done which doesn’t feature the signature Raveonettes surf drumbeat. None of the tunes have any real sunshine to them. It’s all very un-Rave.”

“It has a mood of ethereal defiance, it’s dark but not bleak, like the single minded determination caused by crisis that is not quite hope but just as powerful. It’s the perfect winter soundtrack just in time for spring”.

Check out the gorgeous ethereal sounding Forget That You’re Young, the dreamy War In Heaven and the brand new teaser video for album opener Recharge & Revolt below!- Camille


1. Recharge & Revolt
2. War In Heaven
3. Forget That You’re Young
4. Apparitions
5. Summer Moon
6. Let Me On Out
7. Ignite
8. Evil Seeds
9. My Time’s Up

Forget That You’re Young

Forget That You’re Young

War In Heaven