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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Return With New Single ‘Sacrilege’

We’ve been waiting for new material from Yeah Yeah Yeahs for what feels like an eternity, but the wait is finally over! Moments ago Zane Lowe got the first play of their new single ‘Sacrilege‘ which was produced by David Andrew Sitek and Nick Launay.

Karen O. and the boys take us to church with the surprising inclusion of a stunning 24-piece choir and I’m totally blown away. It’s seriously epic stuff!

The new album ‘Mosquito‘ is set for release on April 16th, we can’t wait!!

What do you think?

ALL POINTS WEST: Lindsay’s Review Day One

Our lucky winner for the three day pass was Lindsay Sanchez! She has just enjoyed her first day at the festival despite the terrible rain.. Here is her account of the day’s festivities:

All Points West is a metropolitan kind of festival. With the NYC skyline, Hudson River and even t Lady Liberty’s ass as the backdrop, hipster swarmed over New Jersey’s Light Rail and Ferries to arrive at Liberty State Park.

Unfortunately I didn’t allow myself enough time for the commute, which included a half-mile walk to the train, a transfer stop, and a shuttle bus to the entrance. I ended up missing the first opening band The Knux, a vibrant dance-inducing hip-hop group.

There were many bands on the line-up. Including lush rock sounds of Shearwater and Ra Ra Riot. I can’t call myself a fan of this kind of sound. I prefer a good pop hook to a xylophone solo, but that’s just me.

However, The FLEET FOXES impressed me greatly. I only heard them before from my friends’ ipods who consistently said things like “Have you heard this band!? They’re amazing!” I replied with lukewarm reactions, which they couldn’t understand.
“How could you not like the beautiful harmonies, orchestral compositions, and complex song structures.” Plainly, It didn’t make me dance. But in a live setting it was completely different. The drummer’s deep driving pulse on his toms and bass drums kept such a live intense beat that I was enthralled.


It seemed, as the music got more intense during the Fleet Foxes set, as did the clouds. It was soon after that the light drizzle turned into a consistent heavy rain by the time VAMPIRE WEEKEND hit the stage. I was in the midst of many avid fans pushing forward to get a glimpse of the hipster darlings (despite the umbrellas in the crowd, which are not allowed in the festival). It was a fun set I enjoyed even though I wasn’t familiar with all of their work and I was drenched. So that’s saying something for a band. If I ever get a chance to see them live (and dry) again, I would consider it.

After that it was all attitude at APW. The YEAH YEAH YEAHS’s dove straight into their piercing dance rock sounds, as the lead singer owned the stage with her jumpy, twisty, thrashing moves. They only took down the energy maybe once or twice with an acoustic version of their hit “Maps.”


Then finally Jay-Z made it to the stage about 25 minutes later than scheduled. But when he came, he saw – he conquered. Opening up with “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” to pay respects to the Beastie Boys, who unfortunately had to cancel. He played plenty from the Blue Print 3 and some of his first singles like “Can I Live.” He also paid homage to the King of Pop rapping IZZO over “I Want You Back.” Anytime someone brings in J5, I’m a supporter.


As I walked (rather trudged) over the mud and out of the concert, dirt splatter on my leg, my shoes squishing with water. My legs were cramping and I couldn’t bring myself to join MSTRKRFT’s dance party, I regret that.

All and all it was a fun show and I feel accomplished that I made it through the rain and mud with resilience. I’m back again for more in a few hours. This time I won’t miss the first band WHITE RABBITS!

A P DUBZ correspondent ☺

YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Tshirt Competition

The YEAH YEAH YEAHS have put out a request for fans to design the t-shirts for their next tour! The winner will get a loads of signed stuff from the band and will have their tshirt printed + sold on the upcoming YYYs tour and online. Here is what Karen had to say about it!

“Hey Folks, all us YYYs have been avid collectors of t-shirts over the years, what can we say, WE LIKEY A GOOD T-SHIRT. In our travels many of you have chucked a homemade YYY tee on the stage or what not and all the shirts have always been unique and poured over with loooooove. So it got us thinking: how about giving you the fans a crack at coming up with a fresh new blitzin’ YYY T-shirt design! It’s a natural fact that YYYs have amongst YOU a whole heap of ART STARS! So school’s out for the summer and we want you to spend a hot lazy afternoon throwing something together for us YYYs to REPRESENT! And I got a hunch you’re gonna bring it! And if you do we’ll bring back a little something in return…!! Luv, YYYs”

The full details are at http://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com/tshirt/

YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Heads Will Roll (Video Premiere)

The YEAH YEAH YEAHS new video for Heads Will Roll finds Karen O and co performing for an audience who eventually are dismembered by a Billie Jean dancing Beauty & The Beast look alike. Not the movie, the late 80’s television classic!

Anyway, I like the video a lot, especially for the last shot of Karen dismembered on the floor. The track is pretty good as well, who would have thought the band would whip out the drum machines on us?

YEAH YEAH YEAHS: It’s Blitz Giveaway

If you’ve been following my posts, I’m sure you know that I’m loving the new YEAH YEAH YEAHS album IT’S BLITZ!. I find this album a little more accessible and easier to get into than some of their previous albums. I love that the band took a chance and moved towards a more electro sound this time, the result is a less heavy more danceable collection of songs.

We have a CD copy of It’s Blitz! to giveaway to a Hard Candy Music reader, as well as a rather nice YYYs poster (I mean who doesn’t love a nice poster right? LOL) Simply send us your name and address to giveaway@www.hardcandymusic.com (US residents only) with Yeah Yeah Yeahs Giveaway in the subject line to be in with a chance to win.

You can also catch the band on tour in the U.S. this summer :)

Thanks to Meg @ Cornerstone for hooking us up!

Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

YEAH YEAH YEAHS: 2009 Tour Dates and Letterman Performance

The YEAH YEAH YEAHS are heading out on a U.S. Tour! woop woop! I have never seen them live but I’m considering going to All Points West. I’m sure that seeing them in the flesh is an awesome experience!

Tour Dates:

5/23 Quincy, WA – Sasquatch Festival
5/26 Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre On Sale 5/2, 10am
5/27 Detroit, MI – Clutch Cargos On Sale 4/29,10am
5/28 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall On Sale 5/2, 10am
5/30 Minneapolis, MN – First Ave On Sale 5/2, 10am
5/31 Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Club On Sale 5/2, 10am
6/2 St. Louis, MO – The Pageant On Sale 5/1, 5pm
6/3 Kansas City, MO – The Beaumont On Sale 5/9, 10am
6/6 Mountain View, CA – Live 105 BFD
6/12 Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo
7/31 Jersey City, NJ – All Points West